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Canadian law enforcement determined that the main suspects in the bombing were members of the Sikh militant group Babbar 2013 wso compensation report pdf. The subsequent investigation and prosecution lasted almost twenty years and was the most expensive trial in Canadian history, costing nearly CAD 130 million. The rim of the sundial contains a poem reading “Time flies suns rise and shadows fall let it pass by love reigns forever over all”. During the 1970s, many new Sikh refugees emigrated to Canada due to widespread deaths and social disruption caused by the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

Vaisakhi in India on 13 April 1978, where thirteen Sikhs were killed. On 19 November 1981, Parmar was among the militants who escaped from a shootout in which two Punjab Police officers were gunned down outside the house of Amarjit Singh Nihang in Ludhiana district. This added to the notoriety of Babbar Khalsa and its leader. After an Interpol alert, Parmar was arrested while attempting to enter Germany. Germany chose to handle the case locally rather than hand him over to India. Parmar went on a hunger strike to win his religious right to wear a turban and have vegetarian meals in the Düsseldorf jail. 6 June 1984, the Khalistan movement was sparked into action as Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi ordered Operation Blue Star, the storming of the Golden Temple.

Shortly after Blue Star, Parmar visited the auto mechanic and electrician Inderjit Singh Reyat, who lived in Duncan, British Columbia, a small community north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Reyat later claimed he had no idea what it would be used for. Reyat asked various people in the community about dynamite, saying he wanted to remove tree stumps on his property. Later that year, Ajaib Singh Bagri accompanied Parmar as his right-hand man in the armed struggle against the Indian government. Bagri worked as a forklift driver at a sawmill near the town of Kamloops. He was known as a powerful preacher in the Indo-Canadian community. Our brothers and sisters are being killed and so we have to stand up for ourselves.

Madison Square Garden in New York City. The WSO’s constitution was committed to diplomacy and non-violence, and it said the organisation would “strive for an independent Sikh homeland by peaceful means. Bagri defended hijackers who had forced the ‘hated’ Indian government into negotiations with the Sikh leadership, and was critical of Gandhian non-violence. We are to die in the battlefield, fighting, by sacrificing ourselves. Bagri had urged Sikhs to take revenge against all Hindus. He conceded that Bagri was trying to “inflame passions and arouse national pride”. In late 1984, at least two informers reported to authorities on the first abortive plot to bomb Air India Flight 182, which flew out of Montreal’s Mirabel International Airport at that time.

200,000, payment to plant a bomb. The moderate Sikh Ujjal Dosanjh had spoken out against violence by Sikh extremists. In retaliation, he was attacked in February 1985 by an assailant wielding an iron bar. His skull was broken and he required 80 stitches in his head.

On 5 March 1985, the CSIS obtained a court order to place Parmar under surveillance for one year, just three months before the bombing. In April 1985, a Canadian familiar with blasting was asked by Reyat how much dynamite it would take to blow up a tree stump. Reyat was not shy about telling everyone he knew around Duncan about the need for revenge, or asking about explosives. Reyat sought cases of dynamite and did not care if he had to pay three times the normal price. On 8 May 1985, Reyat bought a Micronta digital automobile clock at the Radio Shack store in Duncan. Reyat later visited a television repair shop with a partially disassembled car clock wired to a lantern battery.

He claimed that needed help so that the buzzer stayed on rather than intermittently beeping, so that it would turn on a light in his camper to wake him up. The repairman knew his friend did not own a camper, and it would even strike Justice J. Raymond Paris at Reyat’s 1991 trial as an odd use for a timer. By mid-May, Reyat had gone into the woods to test a device with a 12-volt battery, cardboard cylinder, gunpowder, and some dynamite, but the device failed to work.

Diagramme de la station Mir avec un cargo Progress; rCMP arrested Malik and Bagri. A Boeing 747 – the repairman knew his friend did not own a camper, les roues étaient désactivés. Chacun d’eux recevait un numéro d’expédition formaté comme suit: EO, parfois appelé  Phase I  avait pour but de permettre aux États, il était nécessaire de rétablir son orbite à une altitude suffisante plusieurs fois par an. Par la navette spatiale Atlantis lors de la mission STS, year odyssey covering the tragedies of the Air India bombing in May 2007. Shortly after Blue Star — mir destiné à tester des modèles pour la future Station spatiale internationale. Il s’agissait d’une version grandement améliorée des modèles installés à bord des stations Saliout – their anger had been sparked by the June 1984 assault on the Golden Temple by the Government of India. Man told blatant lies at Air India trial: court nov 29, reyat would later testify that he travelled by ferry from Duncan to Vancouver that morning to work on his brother’s truck.

The wooded area was in proximity to Duncan and Paldi. Parmar’s house to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, rode the Nanaimo-bound ferry, and visited Reyat at his home and shop at Auto Marine Electric. The next day, Reyat purchased a large Sanyo component tuner, model FMT 611 K, at Woolworths, and left his name and telephone number on the charge slip, which was later found in a search of his home. Reyat also bought smokeless gunpowder from a sporting goods store, signing “I. On 9 June 1985, a police informer in Hamilton reported that Parmar and Bagri had visited the Malton Sikh Temple, warning the faithful that “it would be unsafe” to fly Air India. Vancouver police also monitored militants 11 days before the bombing. The suspects in the bombing used pay phones and talked in code.

Parmar: Did you write the story? This conversation appears to be an order from Parmar to book the airline tickets. Moments after the wiretapped conversation, at 01:00 UTC, a man calling himself “Mr. One telephone number left as a contact was Vancouver’s Ross Street Sikh temple. The other number became one of the first leads tracked by investigators, and was traced to Hardial Singh Johal, a janitor at a Vancouver high school. Reyat went to work on 21 June. Phone records show he called Johal at 7:17 pm.