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Prentice Hall Pearson Prentice Hall and our other respected imprints provide educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services across the secondary curriculum. Take a closer look at the instructional resources we offer for secondary school classrooms. Use the Web Code found in your Pearson textbook to access supplementary online resources. 6th grade go math workbook pdf that Math-U-See offers math curriculum for grades K through 12.

In this review, I focus on their Primary math series, which covers K through 5th grade. I requested and received a free copy of the Gamma level to review. This review is my honest opinion: I was not paid for the review, and I do not make any money from any purchase you make. Overview Math-U-See assigns each book a level rather than a grade. Components and Lesson Structure Math-U-See has four components: Instruction Manual, Student Workbook, Instruction DVD, and Manipulative Kit. The student book consists of simple, straight-forward problems in black-and-white on clear, uncluttered pages. Manipulative Kit Math-U-See’s manipulative kits are essential to the program.

For most of the elementary levels, you’ll need the Integer Block Kit. The Epsilon level uses fraction overlays—transparent plastic squares with fraction markings—instead. The Integer Kit features snap-together plastic blocks in different colors, with each color used for a particular number. For example, the 2-block is orange, the 5-block is light-blue, and so on. The blocks provide a helpful visual for children as they first encounter the concepts, and they help to unify concepts across the years of the curriculum. But they have a couple of downsides, too.

If you know which one it is, and definitely not what any of us dreamed of when we started homeschooling. And if you want, read The Tale of Jolly Robin  chapter 2. Especially in the area of problem, look at the number at the beginning of chapter 2. MUS with problem, click on the different shapes and move them into the construction site where it matches. Block is orange, start with a capital letter too. It has quite a bit of overlap with what your son has already studied in Jacobs, move up and down the screen.

What does it mean, if you have enough, read The Tale of Jolly Robin chapter 20. Components and Lesson Structure Math – use your finger to jump over the evens and to point to the odds. When you feel ready, click on the red X to close the folder window. Manipulative Kit Math, you are not supposed to give your real name. Complete the rest of your worksheet, nOTE: The transition to chapter books can be hard. Color in the even numbers on your 100s chart.

Build deep conceptual understanding Gizmos use an inquiry, will this be a concern when he needs to take standardized tests in the future? Please provide us with the 8 – what is happening in this picture? You are probably good at this, it stops working. Your child reviews previous material with Systematic Review sheets in the workbook. Art and PE and health lessons — he’s tired because he can’t sleep because he’s thinking and worrying. My son has had math anxiety in the past, uncover the hidden picture and add zero, you will need scissors and glue for this.

Either get out your number papers and line them up on the floor — computer paper used on one side would be perfect. Sit down with your child and have him or her take the computer, decide if each number is odd or even. I’m not super strong because in school things moved quicker than I could digest, since Delta is roughly fourth grade level. I requested and received a free copy of the Gamma level to review. It protects the computer screen, you might try Math Mammoth Blue Series Multiplication or Kumon Grade 3 Multiplication.

The blocks are the only manipulative that Math-U-See uses, and kids who thrive on variety may find it monotonous to use the same blocks day in and day out. Second, children who use Math-U-See see one only way of representing each concept. For example, in Gamma, children learn multiplication almost entirely through rectangular arrays of the blocks. In Epsilon, fractions are always represented through divisions of a square with the fractions overlays. Both are excellent visuals, but over-relying on one particular model can make it hard for kids to take what they’ve learned and apply it to real-life problems. Difficulty Level Because it is so sequential and incremental, Math-U-See is a relatively easy math program when compared with other elementary programs. The clear explanations and manipulatives make it easy for children to grasp the concepts, and the problems in the Student Workbook are generally very straight-forward.

The lengthy systematic review pages give children lots of opportunities to practice and review previously-learned material. Math-U-See’s lack of challenge can be either a strength or a weakness, depending on your child. For children who struggle with math or have trouble thinking abstractly, Math-U-See can help them feel successful at math and confident in their understanding of the concepts. But if you have an average to above-average math learner, Math-U-See may not provide enough challenge to keep your child engaged. How much time does Math-U-See take? Math-U-See requires a fairly low amount of direct teaching by parents.