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Much of the PMBOK Guide is unique to project management a guide to project management pdf. The evolution of the PMBOK Guide is reflected in editions of the Guide. That document was to some extent based on earlier work that began with a white paper published in 1983 called the “Ethics, Standards, and Accreditation Committee Final Report.

In 2004, the PMBOK Guide — Third Edition was published with major changes from the previous editions. The Fourth edition was published in 2008. The Fifth Edition was released in 2013. The latest English-language version of The PMBOK Guide — The Sixth Edition was released in September 2017. The PMBOK Guide is intended to be a “subset of the project management body of knowledge that is generally recognized as a good practice. Generally recognized’ means the knowledge and practices described are applicable to most projects most of the time and there is a consensus about their value and usefulness.

The PMBOK Guide is process-based, meaning it describes work as being accomplished by processes. This approach is consistent with other management standards such as ISO 9000 and the Software Engineering Institute’s CMMI. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge — Sixth Edition provides guidelines for managing individual projects and defines project management related concepts. It also describes the project management life cycle and its related processes, as well as the project life cycle. The PMBOK as described in the Guide recognizes 47 processes that fall into five basic process groups and ten knowledge areas that are typical of most projects, most of the time. Initiating: processes performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase. Planning: Those processes required to establish the scope of the project, refine the objectives, and define the course of action required to attain the objectives that the project was undertaken to achieve.

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