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Recent years and months have seen amory wars free pdf attention being paid to the issue of energy security. Energy insecurity combined with other global issues risks fueling conflict, repeating past mistakes in history.

Nuclear as a suitable alternative to fossil fuels? Some fear we may have already peaked in fossil fuel extraction and production. However, markets are good for making profit and allocating resources efficiently for that purpose, but that does not always mean that is good for the environment or for society or for other societies in other parts of the world. Furthermore, in reality markets are not perfect, so even if the theory holds, reality sees a mixture of politics, power play and corruption—even in the most advanced countries.

Cheap oil to transport all those goods from far away. Oil and The Death of Globalization, jyskebank, October 25, 2010 Would it be the death of globalization for everyone as Rubin says? Might the everyone be the West? It is hard to predict, of course. Importing goods from far away depends who it is far from. Currently, China seems to be the main manufacturer for the world, and it is far away from Europe and America. But if other regions develop, they may offset the decline of the West.

In that scenario, it may be the end of globalization for the West, but it may still be some kind of globalization for the rest. Also interestingly, and perhaps importantly, another implication is that even if there is a decline for some that is somewhat offset by others, the importance of localization may emerge, which could mean declining industries in the West may also be revived. The implications are wider than economic, too. Even if it is a reasonably peaceful transition where the West finds an alternative model or accepts a different role in the world economy, it will have cultural and social implications.

Even US president George Bush admitted during his 2006 State of the Union speech that, Keeping America competitive requires affordable energy. US foreign policy there, there have been signs—for many years—that some major companies and industries, have been considering alternatives. The other concern is that whether this drive or need for competitiveness will contribute to more intense rivalry between powerful nations as witnessed at the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s, or whether this time we will learn from history’s lessons. So far, there is little to indicate that we have evolved into peaceful enough societies to not repeat those past disasters as growing inequality, extremism, power, drive for growth and profit, and our collective short memories all interplay. Some foreign policy decisions in past years are coming back to haunt advanced nations. For example, in order to destabilize the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the United States successfully encouraged, trained and sustained Islamic extremism and terrorism so that a relentless, religiously-driven resistance could counter the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan.

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