Begin the beguine clarinet sheet music pdf


Include your NAME and ADDRESS on your bid sheet! This is found in the first column. These are found in the third, begin the beguine clarinet sheet music pdf and fifth columns, respectively.

What you will pay for the record. Your bid-sheet will be returned with the winning bids clearly marked and the amount of money due. The records will be shipped to you when your payment is received. Record shows no scratches, scuffs, or wear. Good for fill-in until a better copy turns up. Record is in poor condition, plays very rough.

We will offer for auction items in P condition, only when they are unusual or rare. FOR COMPLETE VIEWING CLICK THE PDF FILE ON MAIN SCREEN DON’T MISS THE MEMORY LANE LATE ARRIVALS AFTER THE 78 SALE LISTINGS! Artie Shaw in Second Chorus 2. American clarinetist, composer, bandleader, and actor. Also an author, Shaw wrote both fiction and non-fiction. Widely regarded as “one of jazz’s finest clarinetists,” Shaw led one of the United States’ most popular big bands in the late 1930s through the early 1940s. Shaw also recorded with small jazz groups drawn from within the ranks of the various big bands he led.

Harry Arshawsky, a dressmaker and photographer. In 1935, Shaw first gained attention with his “Interlude in B-flat” at a swing concert at the Imperial Theater in New York. He valued experimental and innovative music rather than generic dance and love songs, despite an extremely successful career that sold more than 100 million records. Like his main rival, Benny Goodman, and other leaders of big bands, Shaw fashioned a smaller “band within the band” in 1940. He named it Artie Shaw and the Gramercy Five, after his home telephone exchange.

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