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Please forward this error screen to 209. All About Windows Phone News, reviews, information and apps for Windows Phone. Microsoft has promised a fix in the next update, but in the meantime, here’s how to carry on reading your downloaded PDF documents. Before beyond shame free pdf started, note that there are several scam PDF viewers in the Microsoft Store, with fraudulent ratings and laced with ads and pop-ups.

In the meantime, stick to AAWP’s links below and you won’t go far wrong. I’ve also stuck to UWP apps – I know that there are some old Windows Phone 8. I’m pretty sure you’ll be the same. Zooming, navigation, searching, this is so much better than reading PDF files in Edge. Terrific software and something I’ve never formally reviewed. Again something I’d never researched before, this too is a full UWP solution for all Windows 10 devices.

It’s more than just a reader too – though it does have search, zoom, navigation and other essential reading functions, as you can annotate PDFs too. Amazingly full featured considering the price. Adobe thought letting PDF attachments run javascript was a good idea? Another one to definitely try, though some people have had issues and, after a day of use, it has started crashing on me too.

TLC needed from the developer, I think! This too is a good and very fast option, especially if you have a powerful W10M phone. It’s rather over the top for the use case on this page though, and the full range of editing features aren’t needed here, though toggling on the edit mode with a top-left tap is the way to access the ‘go to page’ jump field. Curiously, I couldn’t find a search option – in long PDFs it’s the best way to find things. There’s a free non-Pro version as well, which I’ve never tried. Maybe adverts, maybe less editing functions.

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Worth a try, but I’d like to see the developers, Roxy, get some sales and earn them a beer or two for their hard work! I’ll make a mental note to review it soon too. This works really well as a PDF browser – it’s fast and easy to adjust views, jump around, and so on. I particularly liked the thumbnail view, letting you get to where you want to go graphically if there’s a particular image or element that you’re looking for. I couldn’t get the search function working, but that’s a small point for many documents. Another great option with hooks through to a more extensive online service, this offers searching, thumbnails and navigation, annotations and content copying, a dark theme for content as well as UI and, somewhat experimentally, a ‘reflow’ mode, which comes in handy when trying to read A4-formatted pages on a small phone screen. Not quite the same as the other UWP apps here, obviously, but it’s worth noting that Dropbox UWP includes a handy PDF viewer and that if you add the document to your online Dropbox then you can browse the file acceptably.