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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Abstract A new sensitive microwave life-detection system block diagram of microwave communication system pdf can be used to locate human subjects buried under earthquake rubble or hidden behind various barriers has been constructed.

By advent of this system the world death rate may decrease to greater extent as large percentage of death occur due to earthquake. Previous methods for searching and rescuing human victims buried under earthquake rubble or collapsed building debris were the utilization of dogs, or seismic or optical devices. These devices are not effective if the rubble or debris covering the human victims is thicker than a few feet, especially for the case when the victims are completely trapped or too weak to respond to the signal sent by the rescuers. The microwave life detection system has four major components. A microwave circuit which generates, amplifies and distributes microwave signals to different microwave components. A microwave controlled clutter cancellation system, which creates an optimal signal to cancel the clutter from the rubble.

A dual antenna system, which consists of two antennas, energized sequentially. A laptop computer which controls the microprocessor and acts as the monitor for the output signal. UHF band frequency say 450 MHz An electromagnetic wave of 450 MHz is difficult to penetrate layers of reinforced concrete slabs with imbedded metallic wire of 4-in spacing. Through a series of experiment, we selected the operating frequency of 1150 MHz for the second system with the goal of penetrating such earthquake rubble. After the construction of the 450-MHz and the 1150-MHz systems and an extensive series of experiments, we found that an EM wave of 1150 MHz can penetrate a rubble with layers of reinforced concrete slabs with metallic wire mesh easier than that of 450 MHz. A phase-shift oscillator is a simple electronic oscillator.

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