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This isdetermined by the range spring. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “Fluoro-Plus? Housing Pressure Drop usingfluid with 0. Housing Pressure dropis directly proportional to specific gravity. 0 KB SI3 313 «D 0 M «5 SO 60 wn ISOFigure 2.

Use code in second column for element part no. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “Megaplast? SRT MULTI-ELEMENT FABRICATED VESSELSPort Size 4″, 6″ and 8” Filtration. A truly unique high throughput, micro-volumeprotein analysis and characterisation system. The Optim 1000 has been developed to reduce the time and cost oftherapeutic protein preformulation studies, stability testing and formulationdevelopment. Schematic illustration of Optim 1000 system configuration. Filter tubesheetwith filters being installed into the pressure vessel.

Pall is also recognized as being one of thelargest water treatment companies in the world. The self-cleaning of water, effected bymicro-organisms, is a permanent procedure always running in free nature. High Molecular Weight Polyethylene well screendesigned to minimise flow resistance. II pleated polypropylene filterHDC II filters are available in absoluteuses fibers of varying diameters to produceremoval ratings from 0. Pall offers a variety ofcost-effective solutions for specific market applications.

Total Fluid ManagementSMPall follows a comprehensive,Total Fluid Management approach toidentifying and solving contaminationproblems. Processes are detailedwithin the drawing and include major applications. Please add my name to the Pall mailing list. Thank you for completing this card. NO POSTAGENECESSARYIF MAILEDIN THEUNITED STATESThe HDC II medium consists of multiplelayers of continuous fiber, nonwovenpolypropylene pleated together, with nobinders or extraneous material. Our productivity services enable you to meet regulatory requirements andincrease output while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Our global team of scientists and engineers support TFMAt Pall, we are dedicated to providing you with quality service to help maximize productivity within your operation. Cleanliness auditA cleanliness audit can uncover contamination problems and their detrimental effects. We collect and identify process contaminants to determine their origin and provide you with recommendations for corrective action. The result is costly downtime or lossof product. We serve oil and gas,refinery, chemical, and polymer markets around the world. Each Pall solution within the flow diagram is labeled and describedin the charts that follow. Pall specializes in fluidmanagement, leveragingour unmatched capabilitiesto make your operationmore successful2www.