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When the manger is empty, the horses will bite each other”, is an old danish saying. Overpopulation will create revolutions and civil wars, which in turn will produce a constant flow of refugees. In modern times, Earth’s population has grown enormously, and it has made us vulnerable to even minor climate changes. Climate changes appear apparently from natural causes due to sunspot activity, lack of same, or similar causes, which are difficult to see through. Nor in any way it can be denied that greenhouse gases and other man created changes also have an effect.

But whatever the reasons, the nations overpopulation make them particularly sensitive to even small changes in the climate. Just one bad harvest can cause that outer localized peasants must leave their homes and their land, and millions must go to sleep hungry. Overpopulation is the planet’s leading problem, the root of the evils, so to speak. Demography is the science about population, its size, composition by sex, age, marital status and so on.

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