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South America Capitals Map Quiz click here. South America doesn’t have an overwhelming number of countries, so there is no excuse for not knowing all the countries on the South American Map. Learn the South American and Central American countries with this South America Map game. For the musical album, see Asleep at the Wheel. Standard time was introduced in the 1890s when all of the Australian colonies adopted it.

Before the switch to standard time zones, each local city or town was free to determine its local time, called local mean time. Daylight saving time is used in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the ACT. It is not currently used in Western Australia, Queensland or the Northern Territory. This article needs additional citations for verification. The standardization of time in Australia began in 1892, when surveyors from the six colonies in Australia met in Melbourne for the Intercolonial Conference of Surveyors. The colonies enacted time zone legislation, which took effect in February 1895. 10 hours in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

The three time zones became known as Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, and Western Standard Time. When the Northern Territory was separated from South Australia and placed under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, that Territory kept Central Standard Time. Likewise, when the ACT was broken off from New South Wales, it retained Eastern Standard Time. A” is often used to avoid ambiguity with the time zone abbreviations “CST” and “EST” referring to the Central and Eastern Time Zones in North America.

In Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT, the starting and ending dates of daylight saving times are officially determined by proclamations, declarations, or regulation made by the State Governor or by the responsible minister. Such instruments may be valid for only the current year, and so this section generally only refers to the legislation. The choice of whether to use DST is a matter for the governments of the individual states and territories. During the usual periods of DST, the three standard time zones in Australia become five zones.

The change to and from DST takes place at 2:00 am local standard time the appropriate Sunday. Until 2008, DST usually began on the last Sunday in October, and ended on the last Sunday in March. However, Tasmania, given its latitude further south, began DST earlier, on the first Sunday in October, and ended it later, on the first Sunday of April. On 12 April 2007, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the ACT agreed to common beginning and ending dates for DST from 2008. DST in these states and South Australia began on the first Sunday in October and ended on the first Sunday in April.

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