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Want cucumber testing tutorial pdf build your own tube amplifier for guitar? There are many options: build a kit, build from an existing schematic, or branch off like I did, and try something different.

Check out the last steps– information’s been added since this guide was first published. Reuse salvaged and vintage components whenever possible, and save good stuff from the landfill. 6DG6GT’s in a parallel single-ended configuration qualifies as unusualas does the tone control. A whole lot of tweaking later, I’ve got an amp that pleases me. Power Amp Stage step for more info. Oh, and this is a fairly hi-gain amp–i.

However, hi-gain and high volume are not the same. It remains a studio type amp, but it is louder than all those Valve Jrs. One thing’s for suretackling such a project means many happy hours pouring over data sheets, studying schematics, checking output transformer specs, and tracking down NOS tubes. Noteworthy: there’s a certain aspect to this build. I wanted to retain the feel and budget of the radio-amateurs and home-builders of the past.

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