Design of substructures pdf


EBSD provides an efficient and fast approach to perform ECCI of crystal defects, design of substructures pdf as dislocations, cells, and stacking faults, under controlled diffraction conditions with enhanced contrast. The high spatial and angular resolution of TEM allow the characterization of individual crystal defects such as dislocations, stacking faults and point defects, as well as more complex configurations formed by dislocations and deformation twins . The FS detector records the contrast created by the Kikuchi bands intersecting the detector.

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This configuration, originally used by Czernuszka et al. A Textbook for Materials Science: Springer, 2009. Hirsch P, Howie A, Nicholson RB, Pashley DW, Whelan MJ. Ayache J, Beaunier L, Boumendil J, Ehret G, Laub D. Sample Preparation Handbook for Transmission Electron Microscopy: Springer, 2009. Ungár T, Mughrabi H, Wilkens M.