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Ocean Systems provides the market leading solutions for collecting, processing and managing all forms of multimedia evidence including video, still images and audio. Our scalable-modular solutions allow us to provide you the right professional mix that meets your specific digital image analysis pdf and budget.

Each product link below takes you to a specific product page that includes the following Tabs : Overview , News, Specs, Videos, Download and How to Order. You can then use the Master Control links under Forensic Solutions on the left side panel to continue to navigate to different products or return to this page that provides summaries and product page links as well. USB drive that contains specialized capture software that run direction from the Omnivore drive so it requires no installation as you move it between systems to do video capture. NPUT-ACE is a powerful video processing workflow engine with an easy to understand modular interface suitable for all level of users. Simply drag and drop proprietary video files into the iNPUT-ACE file list and with a click of a button it will interrogate them so they can be viewed. From there, you can sub clip the video, type your observations, and export the video to a common format. ClearID also provides integrated color preview windows and easy-to-use slider bars so you can quickly discover the optimal settings for clarifying your image evidence.

And once your clarification is complete, you can generate a verification report of your work product. QEAS is an all-in-one audio clarification module includes powerful automated and manual filters in a streamlined interface that easy to get results. Designed specifically for forensic audio clarification, there is no need to hunt through a complicated list of audio effects filters designed for creative audio professionals looking to do sound effects. And with powerful features like its integrated player manager, you can centrally store proprietary players and associate them with their media type. Then when media of that type is accessed through QuickDME by you or others in the system, the files with automatically open in the correct player for viewing and processing. Forensic Workstation to create a complete forensic multimedia evidence processing, redaction, clarification, archiving and evidence presentation workflow suitable to be the heart of your unit.

Create a multi-system solution by combining our portables and office workstations for an integrated workflow between your forensic video field acquisition and office forensic video processing systems or add one of our networked shared storage solutions for an integrated lab environment. Technology Review Webinar – Reviews all products and what is on the way. Talk to Existing Users See why the vast majority of law enforcement agencies are choosing Ocean Systems as their Forensic Solutions Provider. Check our “Events” Page to see our Show Schedule or contact us to arrange a demo. We can also put you in touch with current users in your area. We will send the literature pack to the email address you specified in this form. Download this chapter in PDF format Chapter24.