English reading rules for beginners pdf


Unlike Gomoku, English reading rules for beginners pdf has a unique sequence of opening moves called an “opening rule”. There are several certified opening rules.

The basic Renju rules must be kept. The opening stage must not exceed 5 moves. All 26 canonical openings must be possible and only 26 canonical openings can be possible. All present realistic variants must be possible. The moves located very closely near the edges of a board during the opening stage are not preferable. New rules must be simple to study. New rules must be simple to play for beginners.

The situation when in significant part of cases a beginner will have the lost position already after the first 5 moves is not good. The rules must be systematic and attractive. The number of possible creative variants must be significantly greater than now. These variants must be achieved under the optimal strategy of both players. The chances of sides to win must be practically equal. The situation when during the opening stage the player who make a move does not interested in the forming of equal and creative position is not preferable.

The rules must give the chance for both players to avoid the position after the opening stage well known for the opponent. The knowledge of theory and deep own analyses must give an advantage but the player with a good imagination must have chances against this. The first player places 2 black stones and 1 white stone on the board thus forming opening pattern. The second player now chooses whether to play black or white.

White then places one more stone on the board. Black places 2 stones on the board. White removes one of the two black stones from the previous move. After this sequence is complete, Black and White continue to take turns to place their stones.

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