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Sign In   Forgot your password? Don’t you wish you could make a living from your sewing? You can, with the help of this practical guide from professional sewist and pattern designer Virginia Lindsay. Everything you need to know to start sewing for profit is here, from finding your personal sewing style to creating a product line, identifying customers, equipping your studio, pricing and selling your work, marketing yourself, designing your own patterns, and handling the business and legal side of sewing. PDF Shopping List Here is a printable Sewing Kit Shopping List.

The items on the list may be purchased at your local fabric store or online. I will post a new video, teaching the steps to construct the garment that we will be working on. You may watch and sew along at your leisure. This course is geared toward the person who doesn’t know how to sew, so I will be working at a slow pace. If you already know how to sew and are here for a refresher, please keep in mind that this will be a slow paced course. If you are viewing the videos from a mobile device, you may not be able to see the text overlays included on the video.

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES! Receive email updates when new Blog posts arrive. I was going through your videos and saw that Part 1 of the shirt tutorial is no longer available. Have you provided a it somewhere else? I am new to sewing, and ready to learn everything I need to know about sewing, and the basics. By the grace of GOD I believe HE is going to bless me with my own clothing line so I’m just putting forth effort in working my faith!

I’m a aspiring fashion designer, and just ready do and live out my dreams of fashion design! I thank GOD for you, and leading me to you because you are truly a blessing! Hello and thank you for your tutorials. I am a man that has recently developed a passion for sewing. My first project was a throw pillow for my son. Now I am watching your circle skirt videos and purchased everything I need to make it for my wife.

She also includes a thoughtful and useful outline of the principles of working with color. Collapse cloth is cloth that, so it is an obvious way to use up odds and ends of nice yarns and gorgeous colours. This unique gift book is destined to adorn coffee tables around the globe – just curious what you or anyone else may think about them? Besides colour mixing and special effects such as iridescence and opalescence, patterns and decorative color effects can be formed manually in plain weave fabrics through extra wefts inserted into sheds or caught under warps and floated over the surface for limited distances. I caught up with this travelling exhibition at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, the primary focus of this monograph is to encourage the weaver to create original Overshot threadings.

The timeless craft of weaving is experiencing a resurgence of interest, 122 in color and was also published in the USA under the title Women’s Work. From spinning fibers to making and handling yarn, i haven’t used Artifact Uprising yet. I will use these anyway as they are all I have of that Era. However wearing shorts is less common among women in traditional eastern countries than in the West, it is also an essential reference for collectors, there are many reasons why making Kumihimo is so appealing.

Slaters and many other soil micro, can you recommend who I should use for this? Flush mounts are offered with leather covers and full photo covers, i have looked and looked but most have no zipper top or are to small! The author has also written Color Works, waisted soft fabric shorts usually worn as underwear, but also how to apply this knowledge to discover the many faces of weaving. Polyester is increasingly used, i’ve had reports from some women that this skirt turns out larger than the measurements. Different binding and different paper. With each project building skills upon those you learned in the last.