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Below is my list of simple, orderly steps that I take when I get sick. It has hyperlinks which explain each protocol in detail. I have used them all successfully. I seek to heal any dis-ease, which the Bible would consider to be any opposite of faith, hope, love, joy, laughter or peace in my heart.

Healing occurs from the inside out. Two of the above Greek words for healing are used by Paul in this one verse! All healing involves releasing “energeo,” God’s healing energy. You can make this your list by using it as is or subtracting, adding, or adjusting items as you desire. Make sure all methods you use are compatible with biblical principles. The checklist below dovetails with the book Vibrant Health!

We combine a scoop of each into 8 ounces of water. Digestive health – Maximize digestion by consuming enzymes, probiotics, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, chewing each bite 25 times and minimize drinking at meals. Fasting, cleanses and colon health are all crucial to maintaining health. ONLY when hungry and chew well. Use herbs – One excellent herb company is Nature’s Sunshine. I gather ideas from friends: I share my health need with friends and honor God’s guidance through their suggestions.

I read books on the topic, or enroll in online training which I discover from my searches on the above trusted websites. A Spirit-filled naturopath, Kurt Green, who combines words of knowledge and  healing prayer with his naturopathic training in his 30-minute phone consultations. Philip Goldfedder – Passionate to pray freely over the phone for a miracle of physical healing. His specialty is helping me get my confession right, to stop claiming sickness and start speaking, “I am healed.

Here is my blog about Dr. A Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kimberly Fiucci, has a practice focusing on biblical health care and can help me determine the best Nature’s Sunshine herbs for various situations. Counselors for emotional healing are listed here.

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