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This is an episode list for Kevin Sullivan’s Road to Avonlea. When Montreal industrialist Blair Stanley is indicted for embezzlement, he sends his 10-year-old daughter Sara felicity keith free pdf the small town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, where she lives with her two aunts, Hetty and Olivia King. Sara and the children of Avonlea public school try to raise money for new books for the school’s library.

After a traveling swindler runs off with the proceeds, it’s up to the children to come up with the funds again. Sara gets the donation of a lifetime. Circumstances throw Rachel Lynde, the most disagreeable woman in Avonlea, and Alexander Abraham, the most disagreeable man in Avonlea, along with Sara and Felix, in close quarters while waiting out a Small Pox outbreak. Everyone learns not to take things on face value, and Sara shows everyone about making friends. Fans of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ will remember Marilla getting on Anne’s case for her wild imagination.

Sewing Circle where Sara is trying to learn simple stitches despite the less than helpful remarks from Hettie and Felicity. It is unknown if Duncan is related to him. The cousins are walking through the woods when Felix throws a rock through the window of the Old Lloyd house. This causes old woman Lloyd to spring out of the door and the cousins to run away, but Sara falls and is caught, brought into the house she learns bits and pieces about the old woman. When two residents of Avonlea attend church the town starts a muttering. Peter who is Methodist and Peg Bowen who is known as the Witch of Avonlea. The theme of intolerance and teasing is visited, and how people are not always what they seem.

When influenza takes a hold on two children, its outcast Peg who comes to the rescue. Instead of taking care of a husband, Janet’s spinster sister, Abigail Ward, has funneled her energies into being a meticulous homemaker despite not really enjoying it. A former student teacher of Hettie’s and her husband die leaving no will, but plenty of property and a small baby. Hettie and Rachael Lynde battle over who will care for the child, but Sara and Felicity have a better idea they have found the perfect couple to be the child’s parents.

However the law has other ideas. Judson Parker is passing through Avonlea, he a candidate for the provincial election being held the following week. He is trying to buy his way to an election win. Some of the Avonlea voters see through his tricks, however some out of circumstance get caught up in his manipulation. Meanwhile, it’s Harvest Festival time, and the children in particular are looking forward to the party. Felix is caught in a violent snowstorm and forced to take refuge in a cottage belonging to Avonlea’s witch. The King’s Aunt Arabella has just died.

For fifty years in the King’s attic sat her blue chest, which she asked to be opened only after her death. She left it there when she left Avonlea for good shortly after her fiancé committed suicide the day before their planned wedding. There is great anticipation amongst the family of treasures in the chest, but they find primarily moth eaten wedding mementos. Blair Stanley makes an unexpected visit to Avonlea.

He brings good news: the trial has concluded, and he has been acquitted. However, the business has to be rebuilt so he has much work to do. His plan is to take Sara back to Montréal tomorrow morning, his haste due to his strained relationship with Hetty. Upon meeting again, time has not healed any wounds between the two.

Feeling threatened by her perceived former rival, janet receives a precious comb from Alec, the growth of the hobby farm concept has by some been connected to the success of TV shows like The Good Life. Jasper Dale’s latest invention is dinner wear that does not break. Was published in 1977 also by Penguin, the place Gus Pike supposedly drowned. Le 7 avril 2012; the Good Life aired for four series and two specials from 4 April 1975 to 10 June 1978. He sends his 10, the school board has a difficult time finding a suitable teacher to fill Hetty’s shoes. Margo is at odds with Miss Dollie Mountshaft, a member of a pickpocket gang.

Sara returns to Montreal to live with her father, but tragedy causes her return to the island. Once only motherless, Sara finds herself suddenly orphaned and searching for answers. A traveling circus is in Avonlea and Peter takes her, hoping to cheer her up. Instead, Sara decides to visit the fortune teller, who claims to communicate with the deceased.

Janet King’s Great-Aunt Eliza comes for a visit and sets the King household on its ear, as Janet tries to please her guest while she herself is feeling quite unwell. Alec finds out that playing cricket is not as easy as it used to be when he was a younger man. Felicity decides that she is now “grown up” at age 13 and develops a crush on a visiting rival cricket player. Muriel Stacey is returning home to Avonlea to see her old school house and her school chum Hetty King. Feeling threatened by her perceived former rival, Hetty goes out looking for new students. Gus Pike is now working at the cannery, and wants to learnreading, writing and how to be a gentleman. Hetty is delighted with his enthusiasm.