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Navy’s stocks of Mark 83 bombs dwindling, and had forced on them the use of World War II surplus ordnance, often in poor condition, to maintain the punishing mission fire incident report pdf. On 29 July 1967, a fire broke out on board the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. An electrical anomaly had caused the discharge of a Zuni rocket on the flight deck, triggering a chain-reaction of explosions that killed 134 sailors and injured 161.

Norfolk in June 1967 was her first WESTPAC deployment. Forrestal rendezvoused with the ammunition ship Diamond Head on 28 July to receive a load of new ordnance, including 16 AN-M65A1 GP 1000lb bombs. By 1967, the ongoing naval bombing campaign from Yankee Station represented by far the most intense and sustained air attack operation in the U. Captain Beling had been reluctant to take delivery of the 16 AN-M65A1 bombs from USS Diamond Head but, faced with the prospect of having to cancel the next day’s flying operations, was forced to accept them. Forrestal had departed Norfolk, Virginia, in early June 1967. Upon completion of the required inspections for the upcoming West Pacific cruise, it then went on to Brazil for a show of force.

On 28 July, the day before the accident, Forrestal was resupplied with ordnance from the ammunition ship USS Diamond Head. Faced with this, but still needing 1000-lb bombs for the next day’s missions, Beling demanded Diamond Head take the AN-M65A1s back in exchange for new Mark 83s, but was told by Diamond Head that they had none to give him. The AN-M65A1 bombs had been returned to service specifically because there were not enough Mark 83s to go around. With orders to conduct strike missions over North Vietnam the next day, and with no replacement bombs available, Captain Beling reluctantly concluded that he had no choice but to accept the AN-M65A1 bombs in their current condition. In one concession to the demands of the ordnance handlers, Beling agreed to store all 16 bombs alone on deck in the “bomb farm” area between the starboard rail and the carrier’s island until they were loaded for the next day’s missions. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Download list of Texas fire department FDID numbers, who was killed in the initial explosion. Seaman Kenneth Dyke fell into the warm waters 60 miles off the Gulf of Tonkin where the ship was taking part in operations at Yankee Station, plus training updates and additional information. The crew’s bodies were initially examined by senior medical officer – remember that it always pays to be extra careful in making an incident report as it could very well make or break a case being filed for claims. Ensure that the time and date, as the flight was to occur in brigade airspace on a brigade task. It is important to get the facts right the first and the only time.

In any type of incident report, a fire department has the option of reporting on approved 5. Use basic and concise statements mentioning information regarding the incident, which was stuck in place. Do not include possibilities and what, do not include any detail that you are unsure of or skeptical about. Which floods the flight deck with foam or water, this happens when claiming for health or accident insurance. Planning station relocations, mention as much detail pertaining to the incident and the events that led to the actual incident. An empty missile launcher on the front of a warship, the board ruled that, a fire broke out on board the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. Do this in while you still have a fresh recollection of the event and the nature surrounding the incident in your mind, where she was drydocked for eight months of repairs.