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English art and high culture reached a pinnacle known as the height of the English renaissance. Elizabethan music experienced a shift in popularity from sacred to secular music and the rise of instrumental music. Despite England’s departure from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534, English did not become the official language of the Church of England until the reign of Elizabeth’s stepbrother Edward VI. Instrumental music was also popular during the Elizabethan Era.

The most popular solo instruments of the time were the virginal and the lute. The virginal was a popular variant of the harpsichord among the English and one of Elizabeth’s favourite instruments to play. In music history, the music of the English Renaissance is noted for its complex polyphonic vocal music, both sacred and secular, and the emergence of instrumental music. With the gradual shift in the early baroque period, England experienced a decline in musical standing among European nations. After Dowland, the greatest English composer was Henry Purcell whose death left a void in English music history until the Victorian era. The Church was a major influence for music in the 16th century.

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The Puritans wanted to do away with all Church music, but the will of the people to sing only made it more predominant. Many composers that wrote for the church also wrote for the royalty. The style of the church music was known as choral polyphony. Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed music and also knew well how to play instruments. She could play the lute and virginals, a small form of a harpsichord, sang, and even claimed to have composed dance music. Town musicians were known as Waits.

They were the equivalent to that of a modern town’s band. The Waits have been in existence as far back as the medieval period. The role of the Waits was to perform at public occasions of the viewing pleasure of the town. Street musicians or travelling minstrels were looked down upon. They were feared and soon grew out of style and were replaced by the tavern and theatre musician. Street music was common to be heard at markets and fairs.