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They provide the EEA’s harmonised position on issues that can be subject to different interpretation or require clarification, typically arising from discussions or correspondence during assessment procedures. Removal of heavy metals tests from a specification – General maintenance test questions and answers pdf without a Ph. Removal of heavy metals tests from a specification – Substances with a Ph.

Is it necessary to submit a variation when removing a general test for heavy metals from the specification of a substance without a Ph. The deletion of a general Heavy metals test from the specification of an ingredient is accepted as a Variation Type 1A. The change does not have to be justified. A mixture of an active substance with an excipient cannot be submitted through an ASMF procedure. The blending of an active substance and an excipient is considered as the first step in the manufacture of the medicinal product, and therefore does not fall under the definition of an active substance. The only exceptions can be made where the active substance cannot exist on its own, for example, due to insufficient stability without a stabilising agent, or in the case of herbal dry extracts if it is not possible to produce a solid extract without excipients. CEP procedure and perform manufacture under EU GMP Part II for the API mix.

What is the definition of an API mix? Typical examples are the addition of an antioxidant to an API, or the introduction of an API into a matrix. The manufacture of an API mix is considered to be the first step of the manufacture of a finished product. Under which circumstances can an API Mix be submitted as part of 3. In addition the steps following addition of the excipient must be conducted in accordance with GMP Part I and an appropriate manufacturing authorisation. However, additional justification on the choice and level of antioxidant needs to be provided, and a control test is required for the antioxidant in the API mix.

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