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Please forward this error screen to 132. This article is about the people. They were a minority faction within the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, who split off and joined with the Church of the East Bishop during the 1700s. Indian and European colonial contacts.

1601 believed to be a summary of a larger and older work. Jews, along with many natives, and the local King at Kodungallur by St Thomas. Sankarapuri, Kalli, Kaliyankal, Nedumpilly, Panakkamattom, Kunnappilly, Vazhappilly, Payyappilly, Maliakkal, Pattamukku and Thaiyil. Whatever dubious historicity may be attached to such local traditions, there can be little doubt as to their great antiquity or to their great appeal in popular imagination”. The medieval historian Pius Malekandathil believes these were customs adopted and privileges won during the beginning of the Brahmin dominance of medieval Kerala.

He argues that the Syrian Christians in Kerala, integrated with Persian Christian migrant merchants, in the 9th century to become a powerful trading community and were granted the privileges by the local rulers to promote revenue generation and to undermine Buddhist and Jain traders who rivaled the Brahmins for religious and political hegemony in Kerala at the time. Church of the East, in around the 3rd century. Christians evangelized by Thomas the Apostle. One of the reliable documentary evidences of the privileges and influence that Saint Thomas Christians enjoyed in early Malabar. It is the oldest documentary evidence available to attest the presence of a Persian Christian community in South India. Church of the East’s jurisdiction over the Saint Thomas Christian community.

Persia, the “Metropolitan-Bishop of the Seat of Saint Thomas and the Whole Christian Church of India”. Saint Thomas’ tomb in India. The great distances involved and the geopolitical turmoil of the period caused India to be cut off from the church’s heartland in Mesopotamia at several points. However, following the collapse of the Church of the East’s hierarchy in most of Asia later in the 14th century, India was effectively cut off from the church, and formal contact was severed. By the late 15th century India had had no metropolitan for several generations, and the authority traditionally associated with him had been vested in the archdeacon. The Patriarch of the Church of the East, Shemʿon IV Basidi responded by consecrating two bishops, Thoma and Yuhanon, and dispatching them to India. These bishops helped rebuild the ecclesiastical infrastructure and reestablish fraternal ties with the patriarchate, but the years of separation had greatly affected the structure of the Indian church.

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