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Millions of UK lathe machine safety precautions pdf spend most of the working day on their feet. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill warns there are serious health reasons why they shouldn’t stand for it. Over 100 years after UK doctors warned of the occupational health risks of prolonged standing at work, millions of UK workers are still compelled to stay on their feet for most of the working day.

Individuals spending most of the day on their feet every working day are at greater risk of health problems including varicose veins, poor circulation and swelling in the feet and legs, foot problems, joint damage, heart and circulatory problems and pregnancy difficulties. A Hazards survey of UK union health and safety officers found widespread problems from standing at work. Unions representing shopworkers, teachers, library staff, production line workers, bank workers, warehouse staff, museum workers, school supervisors, train drivers, printers, hospitality and casino workers and engineers all reported standing-related health problems experienced by their members. More than 11 million UK workers, half the UK workforce, could be facing health risks caused by prolonged standing. Health statistics suggest hundreds of thousands of people in the UK could be suffering health problems related to prolonged standing.

Almost 200,000 report lower limb symptoms caused or made worse by the job. Lower limb disorders cause over 2 million days sick leave a year. Chronic heart and circulatory disorders are linked to prolonged standing at work. Prolonged time in an upright posture at work may cause hypertension comparable to 20 years of aging. There has never been a Health and Safety Executive prosecution for a breach of the current health and safety regulation covering provision of seating at work. Legal protection for many workers was better in 1917.

The law requiring provision of seats in certain circumstances is being routinely ignored. Some of the UK’s largest companies in sectors from retail, to manufacturing to health care to the hospitality trade are refusing to provide seating for their staff. Simple job or workstation design can make it possible to reduce the requirement to stand. Workers may be reluctant to use seats because they fear this will be interpreted as laziness by managers or rudeness by clients.

Workers in lower status jobs are far more likely to be required to stand for long periods. Workers in higher status jobs are much less likely to be required to stand for long periods without access to a chair. London’s shop assistants of constant standing. In Britain’s meet-and-greet, have-a-nice-day service sector, major UK retailers still insist staff stand and deliver. And workers from machine operators to casino dealers, postal sorters to laundry workers can spend almost all their working day on their feet. And it is not just their feet that suffer.

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Prolonged standing at work has been linked to health problems including foot, leg and back pain, varicose veins, circulatory problems, including a possible increased stroke risk, birth defects and difficulties in pregnancy. It could even affect your mental health. During World War I, the health of munitions workers became an issue of great importance to the government. Fit workers were at a premium, and exhausted workers weren’t good workers. The object of such a provision is not to secure that all work should be done seated, since a sedentary life has its own disadvantages, but rather that means should be provided for varying the position, wherever possible, and for occasional use when the work necessitates a standing posture.

Earlier still, the Shops Act of 1912 required the provision of seats for shop assistants. In 2005, millions of UK workers, including substantial numbers in the retail and manufacturing sectors and employed by major UK companies, are being told they should spend most or all of their working day on their feet. Tell Hazards if your job is missing from the list. This means more than seven million and possibly as many as 11 million UK workers could spend at least half their working day on their feet. Some, like machine minders or retail workers hemmed in behind checkouts, sometimes have scarcely the room or opportunity to move their feet at all. Although this is a major health and safety and comfort issue for millions of UK workers, there has never been a Health and Safety Executive prosecution for a breach of the current 12-year-old health and safety regulation covering provision of seating at work. Regulations 1992, the law requiring provision of suitable seats where the work or a substantial part of it can be done sitting.

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