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Castells is manuel discovery 3 pdf professor of urban geography at Berkley. He has written a number of books and articles about geography, the city, and the information society, including a three-volume analysis of contemporary capitalism, titled The Information Age.

Castells’ analysis involves economic, social, political, and cultural factors. I will focus on the economic, with a brief introduction to his analysis of space and the changing role of the nation state, and follow with an outline of some critiques of his work. Society remains capitalist, but basis of the technological means by which it acts has changed from energy to information. This information is of central importance in determining economic productivity.

Some networks, such as that of financial capital, are global in scale. He says that information has been an essential component of all societies, whether capitalist or not. Despite the disappearance of capitalists and the proletariat, exploitation and differentiation remain. Places and the Role of the Nation State Castells is an urban geographer, so his examination of space is central to his work. While organizations are located in places, . In opposition to the space of flows is the space of places.

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Hence, resistance to the space of flows of the networks arises in the form of communities oriented around places. These communities are often closed, based on fundamentalist or tribal identities. This clash between flows and places has consequences for the nation state. Sovereignty is ceded both upwards to the space of flows and downwards to regional and communal groups. States are caught in a bind. If they represent the identities of the communities within them, they isolate themselves from the network. More serious criticisms target Castells’ analysis of the role of information, of production, and of the relationship between between informational labor and capitalism.