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Himachal Pradesh’s budget was presented by the State Chief Minister Jairam Thakur. This is the first budget after the formation of the BJP government in the state. This scheme will get LPG cylinders and stove which is not in Ujjwala scheme. A provision of 12 crores has been manufacturing process book by rk rajput pdf for this.

A provision of 277 crores for the provision of 111 small irrigation scheme for irrigation. According to the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Personnel on March 29, 2018, government officials facing criminal or criminal charges will not be sanctioned from the Vigilance Department for the passports. It states that the concerned authority can take decisions in the case where such officers need to go abroad for reasons such as medical emergency. So far the scientists have not declared the coffee as good or bad for health, but in the US, a California state judge has heard his decision. The judge has ordered that those who sell coffee in the province will have to print the warning of cancer . The subject of contention in this case is a chemical called carcinogen.

This chemical is prepared by itself in the process of roasting the coffee grams. Although Dish TV and Videocon D2H are delayed for a few months, its timing for investors is absolutely correct. The fall in share price has come as a result of delays in the merger of the two companies. Tata Group’s e-commerce venture Tata Click has started making huge discounts on white goods such as smartphones, televisions and air conditioners while changing their strategy.

The purpose of the Tata Click is to compete with big e-commerce companies like Flipkart and Amazon. Prior to this, Tata was operating on the model of keeping the prices of most of the products in retail stores with less discounts. The state Rajasthan is celebrating its 68th raising day on March 30, 2018. On this occasion, many programs are being organized in the state.

The identity of the Rajasthan region is due to the folk culture, heritage and historical monuments of the country in the world. Even before the establishment day, it is celebrated through various programs and functions throughout the state. IIT Kharagpur’s US Alumni Foundation has announced to provide internships to students with financial assistance abroad. This is the first announcement of this type by the institute.

In his inaugural address, resigned from the presidency. Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi; the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters said that the explanation of Robert Longlands was so extraordinary and rich and that he suggested the process of connection between these mathematical areas gave birth to a project called Longlands Program. It also includes feature – current Affairs 25th March 2018: NATIONAL  NEWS Government nominated J. But in the US, the Indian Army has been ranked fourth in this list. The country’s declining exports – he got this award from his Representation Theory for his visionary project to add number theory. It is very close to its host star. This underground cave; india was ranked 79th in 2016.