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Mens and health pdf provides the global health community with information, expertise and opportunities to support high quality health systems in limited-resource settings. If you are a member, log in to gain full access to site capabilities, as well as individualized updates. Trainee nurses attend a training session in the maternity of Dixcove Hospital, Dixcove, Takradi, Ghana.

Health providers in Cote d’Ivoire attend training on a single visit approach to Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment. Counselors check on a mother and son as part of a follow-up visit in a community. Trainer demonstrates a technique during Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation training in Mozambique. Health workers attend training on Provider-Initiated Testing and Counseling in Mozambique. Njombe along Lake Nyasa in Malawi. This case study describes results of an intervention to address gender-based violence in Mozambique.

PPIUCD  is an effective method of family planning . It is reversible , convenient and safe. A hernia occurs when inner layers of abdominal muscle become weakened. The lining of the abdomen then bulges out into a small sac, and part of the intestine or abdominal tissue may enter the sac. A hiatal, or diaphragmatic, hernia occurs when the lower part of the esophagus and a portion of the stomach slide up through the esophageal hiatus, an opening in the diaphragm through which the esophagus passes before it reaches the stomach.

In a small percentage of cases, the junction of the esophagus and stomach remains in place, but a portion of the stomach rolls up and through the esophageal hiatus alongside the esophagus. Some people with hernias remain relatively free from symptoms. Surgery is the only way to repair them, because they do not resolve on their own. A hiatal hernia is corrected by a surgical procedure called Nissen fundoplication. Copyright 2018 Remedy Health Media, LLC.

The content on this website is provided for educational purposes only. Use of this site is subject to the policies and terms of use. Please enable scripts and reload this page. A legal copy of a birth certificate cannot be issued without  proper purpose. You may obtain a birth certificate for yourself, your spouse, your parent, or your child. Be sure that you meet the above proper purpose before applying for a copy of a birth certificate.

The fee for the search will be kept if no record is found or the right person has not asked for the record. You will be notified in writing if no record is found or the proper purpose has not been met. The person making the application must fax an enlarged and readable photocopy of their current government issued photo identification, i. 402-742-2385 or attach the current government issued photo id to an email and send to DHHS. If adopted, list adoptive name and state “adopted”.

If adopted, list adoptive father’s name. If adopted, list adoptive mother’s maiden name. If not your record, how are you related? A photocopy of the current government-issued photo id of the person making the application, i. Application for Amendment application with instructions If adding the father to the birth certificate, please contact this office for instructions and the proper form. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Use one of the following methods to submit your photo ID to the agency.

ID, and email the image to this email address: DHHS. Internet confirmation number provided when you have completed the request. NOTE: For your protection please use secure email when sending the requestor’s photo ID. We DO NOT accept faxed or emailed applications for certificates. We CANNOT provide faxed or emailed copies of certificates.

The correct fee must be included with the mail-in applications. We do not accept applications by mail that are to be paid by credit card. For all applications, if the certificate is not found the search fee is NON-Refundable. Warming trend starting this afternoon with a strong breeze. Get the full details on changes for Easter weekend in the Weather Blog. Wild West Vintage hosts Junk Fest, a monthly vendor market that takes place on the last Saturday of every month.