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They are used as building blocks for metal carbonyls structure and bonding pdf synthesis of other compounds. The C-N distance in isocyanides is very short, 1. Surprisingly, the second one, with a carbenic character is the more important.

Nevertheless, the π lone pair of the nitrogen, responsible of the zwitterionic structure, stabilizes the structure and is responsible of the linearity of isocyanides. Isocyanides are best shown as a mixture of both resonance structures. C nucleus which the isocyanide group is attached to. Their disagreeable odour is legendary. Note that in Lieke’s day, the difference between isocyanide and nitrile was not fully appreciated.

The development of the chemistry of isocyanides has probably suffered only little delay through the characteristic odor of volatile isonitriles, which has been described by Hofmann and Gautier as ‘highly specific, almost overpowering’, ‘horrible’, and ‘extremely distressing’. It is true that many potential workers in this field have been turned away by the odour, but this is heavily outweighed by the fact that isonitriles can be detected even in traces, and that most of the routes leading to the formation of isonitriles were discovered through the odor of these compounds. Some isocyanides convey less offensive odours such as malt, natural rubber, creosote, mild cherry or old wood. This reaction is used to destroy odorous isocyanide mixtures.

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