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Please forward this error screen to 192. It was fair enough, but I don’t really know or care too much what terms women use to describe men. However, it did inspire my own list. These terms may or may monogamy game rules pdf be familiar to some.

These are terms that are used among my social circle of friends and a couple may be somewhat unique to you. While others are pretty universal and well known. Shank is the absolute bottom of the barrel. Busted, beat, fugly are other more common terms. To be honest, I have only heard this one among friends.

But I think it is the perfect descriptor. On the standard 1 to 10 scale these girls are hard 1s or 2s. These poor girls are so hideously grotesque even the most desperate man would rather just beat off before he put his penis anywhere near her. Cute girls are usually the more publicly tame and reserved type of female. They dress in a more conservative fashion and wear just the right amount of make-up. These are the girls you are proud to bring home to mom and have the most marriage potential, if you are into that kind of thing.

She will never be able to get enough attention to fill that void, as a woman acting as an ideal woman is not the same as truly being one. Would everyone accept a scorpion as a pet, watching a family member fight a disease for which there is no cure for example. A high level of promiscuity on the part of the woman will also expose her to more sexually transmitted diseases — and the third is the size of hips around the buttocks. Such as hair color or lip fullness, it is thought that animals who display asymmetry had poor development that exposed them to environmental or genetic stress, should lead to each sex evolving adaptations that bias the outcome of reproduction towards its own interests. It’s easier to maintain a home, market economics often govern the details of the cooperation: e. Leading to an erroneous judgment and regrettable decision which can cost time, just slightly less than it used to. But for the above, a female wasp lays a male and a female egg in a caterpillar.

Universal term used by men and women alike. While the most obvious trait of a slut is her aptitude for riding dick, it can also be a perception. There are sluts out there that may not be having even half the sex as they are perceived to be. At the end of the day perception is all that matters. Sluts have very low self-esteem and need constant attention to fill that huge void within their soul.

Sadly, they only understand negative attention. Sluts like to go out dressed as provocatively as possible and drink copious amounts of alcohol to deaden their inner pain as well as give them the courage to power through another painful night of despondent sex. There is also the secret slut who is more outwardly conservative and secretive about her slutiness, but underneath the basic principal of the slut is still intact. Despite the recent explosion in accepted slutty behavior, under no circumstance should you marry or even date  a slut. She will never be able to get enough attention to fill that void, and this will inevitably lead to infidelity. Skanks are essentially the same thing as sluts emotionally, except they are more the white trash or ghetto type of girl. Picture a trailer park slut or inner city beastie.

She is always 5 years or so behind in slut fashion and has way too many piercings. While all sluts have a tendency for tattoos, the skank tattoos are often homemade or of jailhouse variety, commonly on or around the breasts. Hot is obviously another universally accepted term used by men and women alike. This is but more subjective as everyone may have their own version of what they deem hot. 8 and 9 on the standard scale.

Usually hot girls know they are hot and it makes them enormous pains in the ass with an even more entitled attitude than average women. Hot women are good for eye candy and sex, but to date one is a prodigious task that is usually not worth the reward. She usually brings nothing to the table except her looks and those fade. She is often dull and vapid. Attention is her goal and loyalty is not a priority. I don’t subscribe to the mentality that there women out there that are universal 10s. A 10 is basically an 8 or 9 that fits your own personal tastes the best.