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Sheppard Software has some fabulous free games on their site. All these resources can also be found in the list below! Follow Shannon Long’s board Classroom Ideas on Pinterest. Dining Room, Lounge, Writing Room, Port and Starboard Promenades, and 25 double-berth inside cabins. The passenger accommodations were decorated in the clean, modern design of principal architect Professor Fritz August Breuhaus, and in a major improvement over the unheated Graf Zeppelin, passenger areas on Hindenburg were heated, using forced-air warmed by water from the cooling systems of the forward engines.

Hindenburg’s Dining Room occupied the entire length of the port side of A Deck. It measured approximately 47 feet in length by 13 feet in width, and was decorated with paintings on silk wallpaper by Professor Otto Arpke, depicting scenes from Graf Zeppelin’s flights to South America. The tables and chairs were designed by Professor Fritz August Breuhaus using lightweight tubular aluminum, with the chairs upholstered in red. On the starboard side of A Deck were the Passenger Lounge and Writing Room.

Round-the-World flight and South American crossings of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin, and the North Atlantic tracks of the great German ocean liners Bremen and Europa. Two views of the Lounge, showing portrait of Hitler and the ship’s duralumin piano. The piano was removed before the 1937 season and was not aboard Hindenburg during it’s last flight. Next to the lounge was a small Writing Room.