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Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. After the dissolution of the British Raj in 1947, two new sovereign nations were formed—the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan or partition of india pdf. The subsequent partition of the former British India displaced up to 12.

Soon after their independence, India and Pakistan established diplomatic relations but the violent partition and numerous territorial claims would overshadow their relationship. Since their Independence, the two countries have fought three major wars, one undeclared war and have been involved in numerous armed skirmishes and military standoffs. There have been numerous attempts to improve the relationship—notably, the Shimla summit, the Agra summit and the Lahore summit. After a brief thaw following the election of new governments in both nations, bilateral discussions again stalled after the 2016 Pathankot attack. Jinnah and Gandhi engaged in a heated conversation.

A well-known photograph recently attributed to Kulwant Roy. About half a million Muslims and Hindus were killed in communal riots following the partition of British India. Millions of Muslims living in India and Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistan emigrated in one of the most colossal transfers of population in the modern era. According to the British plan for the partition of British India, all the 680 princely states were allowed to decide which of the two countries to join.

With the exception of a few, most of the Muslim-majority princely-states acceded to Pakistan while most of the Hindu-majority princely states joined India. Junagadh was a state on the south-western end of Gujarat, with the principalities of Manavadar, Mangrol and Babriawad. It was not contiguous to Pakistan and other states physically separated it from Pakistan. India did not accept the accession as legitimate. The Indian point of view was that Junagadh was not contiguous to Pakistan, that the Hindu majority of Junagadh wanted it to be a part of India, and that the state was surrounded by Indian territory on three sides. The Pakistani point of view was that since Junagadh had a ruler and governing body who chose to accede to Pakistan, it should be allowed to do so. Also, because Junagadh had a coastline, it could have maintained maritime links with Pakistan even as an enclave within India.

Neither of the states was able to resolve this issue amicably and it only added fuel to an already charged environment. Sardar Patel, India’s Home Minister, felt that if Junagadh was permitted to go to Pakistan, it would create communal unrest across Gujarat. India cut off supplies of fuel and coal to Junagadh, severed air and postal links, sent troops to the frontier, and occupied the principalities of Mangrol and Babariawad that had acceded to India. On 26 October, Nawab of Junagadh and his family fled to Pakistan following clashes with Indian troops. Kashmir was a Muslim-majority princely state, ruled by a Hindu king, Maharaja Hari Singh. Despite the standstill agreement with Pakistan, teams of Pakistani forces were dispatched into Kashmir in response to the Hindu Maharajah’s attempted genocide of Muslims in the state.

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