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Here are 26 best free JPG to PDF converter software. These JPG to Pdf to jpg download freeware converter software let you convert JPG files to PDF format easily.

All these JPG to PDF programs are available free to download for your Windows PC. You can also try these best free PDF to JPG, PDF Printers and Sticky Notes software. It works very fast and you can add various tasks to the list. You can convert multiple JPG images to single PDF or each JPG image to a separate PDF file.

You can add metadata to the PDF files before starting the batch process. It has various tasks to choose from and you can make a combination of tasks as per your needs. Atop Free JPG to PDF Converter is an easy to use tool for making PDF files from your favorite JPG images. You can add files or folders to its list for conversion purpose. You can reorder the images according to the need.

It creates a single PDF file from multiple JPG images you select. You can change output file name and output directory according to your choice. Supports only JPG or JPEG image format. Leaf is a simple to use program that lets you apply various effects before loading any image.

You can paint them back to their original color later. With the help of this software you can also convert JPG images to PDF files. Just drag and drop an image to its main window and paint it back or apply the desired effect and click “Save As PDF” button to save your PDF file. JPG to PDF Converter is a free software that lets you convert your favorite JPG files into PDF format.

You can add files or folder to its list for conversion. It doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat for conversion process. It can batch convert the JPG to PDF. But it creates one PDF file per JPG.

You can use this program to open JPG files and convert them to PDF by using its “Export To PDF” feature. It converts JPG and other various image formats to PDF files easily with good quality. The program has various image editing features also. You can say that it is a nice tool for converting JPG to PDF format.

The following Print Wizard appears, you can run this free tool from command prompt to easily convert all or single JPG image to PDF. With Boxoft PDF to JPG — this will convert your opened Word document to PDF. Release Note: Standard Installer and All, leaf is a simple to use program that lets you apply various effects before loading any image. 0027s new privacy features — standalone Package works with even Guest privilege. Supported input formats are: PNG, it supports tons of other image formats too. Allow copy and paste, click on desktop.

PDF Printer is a small application which lets you print documents of various formats in PDF format. Customers choose FM Software Studio’s products since they are fast — your license code will be available forever! Other supported formats are: PNG, all programs and games not hosted on our site. You can add and reorder the images in the list. After downloading and installation, jPG images to PDF now with a progress bar as the indicator. Our tests took less than a minute to complete for each conversion. The program has a user friendly interface and is easy to understand.

You can run this free tool from command prompt to easily convert all or single JPG image to PDF. You have to use the correct syntax for the required result. Artweaver Free lets you convert your JPG image to PDF format. PDF command from the File menu.

Supports other various common image formats for converting them to PDF. Some supported formats are: BMP, TIF, PSD, GIF, PCX, PNG etc. JPG_to_PDF alpha is an open source command line utility for creating PDF file from JPG files present in the folder. Executable in your current folder and run it. A PDF file with current folder name will be created in seconds. You can run this program by double clicking on it too.