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Being here is like being a child visiting a huge store filled with new and fascinating toys”. Peru possesses an extraordinary ornithological diversity. New species are continually being peru travel guide pdf every year in its cloud-forests and Amazon jungle, as well as in its rugged mountains and inter-Andean valleys.

For birdwatchers, Peru is a true paradise. It is filled with species dwelling in unique and fragile habitats, large migratory birds arriving from the most remote parts of the world and with species that, having disappeared in other countries, flourish in unexplored corners of the country. These giant flocks are a fundamental element in the life cycles of the sea, jungle and Andean lakes. A country with more bird species than found in all of North America and Europe combined.

Home to 120 endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Imagine traveling through the land of the Incas, among locals dressed in colorful woven fabrics. Visualize waking up in the morning to ear-deafening noise of thousands parrots and macaws – an unforgettable cacophonic experience as they arrive each morning for their daily supplementary diet of mud. Glimpsing through the shrouds of mist in Cordillera Azul you may spot the splendid Scarlet-banded Barbet, which avoided detection for years and only recently has been discovered. Peru is “the country to explore”, a country in which no fewer than 42 new species of birds have been described to science in the last 30 years. Peru is the land of vast biodiversity – of the 104 life zones known in the world, 84 occur in Peru.

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A complete mosaic comprises almost every type of habitat imaginable from the deserts and dry forests of the coast to the Puna grassland and snow-capped mountains of the Andes, and the multitude of types of forests within the Amazonian lowlands. Peru is blessed with an abundance of life forms, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, butterflies, trees, cacti, orchids, and the list goes on. A recent up-surge in environmental awareness in the country has led to the formation of grass roots conservation initiatives with encouraging results. Coastal lagoons are being reclaimed, and rivers and streams are being cleaned. The Northern Peru Birding Route Few places on earth can match northern Peru for bird diversity. From the coast to the tropical lowlands the variety of ecosystems and birding destinations provides a near endless experience, which for most avid birders takes at least two trips to fully appreci-ate. Peru is the birdiest country in the world.

Peru is second only to Brazil in the number of endemic birds and second only to Indonesia in the number of bird species with restricted geographical ranges. Several rainforest lodges in Peru offer superb birding, each with a list of over 550 species! Peru is truly a land of superlatives: From the world’s richest oceanic current, to the world’s highest and most extensive tropical mountains, to the rainforests of the world’s largest river, Peru is a country of unparalleled diversity. With 87 of the world’s 104 climate zones, Peru encompasses both the driest desert and the second wettest locality on the planet. 60 species, and rare endemics like the White-winged Guan and the flightless Junin Grebe. Peru is home to more than 1,800 bird species, 120 of which are found nowhere else in the world.

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