Php mysql pdf report generator


9 07 Aug 2008 Updated PCRE to version 7. Fixed crash in imageloadfont when php mysql pdf report generator invalid font is given.

Fixed open_basedir handling issue in the curl extension. 8 03 Jan 2008 Improved fix for MOPB-02-2007. Fixed INFILE LOCAL option handling with MySQL – now not allowed when open_basedir or safe_mode is active. PHP settings leak between Virtual Hosts in Apache 1. 6 01 Mar 2007 Updated PCRE to version 7. 5 14 Feb 2007 Upgraded PEAR to 1.

Backported a fix in the configure tests to detect the “rounding fuzz”. Compile fails when using GCC 4. Allow building of curl extension against libcurl 7. There is a separate announcement available for this release. 4 17 Aug 2006 Fixed memory_limit on 64bit systems. Disabled CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION in curl when open_basedir or safe_mode are enabled. Added a check for special characters in the session name.

Prevent header injection by limiting each header to a single line. Fixed possible XSS inside error reporting functionality. Fixed Apache 2 regression with sub-request handling on non-linux systems. Fixed a memory corruption bug regarding included files. Fixed possible GLOBALS variable override when register_globals are ON.

Crash setting some ini directives in httpd. 0 11 Jul 2005 Added man pages for “phpize” and “php-config” scripts. Fixed memory corruptions when using references in a wrong way. Don’t send extraneous entity-headers on a 304 as per RFC 2616 section 10. Fixed potential problems with unserializing invalid serialize data. Updated bundled OpenSSL DLLs in the Windows distribution to 0. Compile failure on GCC version 3.

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PHP Fatal error: Nesting level too deep – recursive dependency? 4 03 Nov 2003 Made MCVE extension available on win32. Upgraded bundled libfcgi and made FastCGI support viable on Win32. Fixed FastCGI being unable to bind to a specific IP.

Fixed multibyte regex engine to properly handle “. Segfault with PHP and bison 1. 3 25 Aug 2003 Synchronized bundled GD library with GD 2. Upgraded the bundled Expat library to version 1. Upgraded the bundled PCRE library to version 4. Added possibility to use PHP to generate directory listings for directories without index. Added transaction constants: IBASE_REC_VERSION, IBASE_REC_NO_VERSION, IBASE_WRITE, IBASE_WAIT and IBASE_CONCURRENCY.