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He is perhaps best known for having met Attila the Hun in 452 and persuading him to turn back from his invasion of Italy. According to the Liber Pontificalis, he was a native of Tuscany. By 431, as a deacon, he was sufficiently well known outside of Rome that John Cassian dedicated to him the treatise against Nestorius written at Leo’s suggestion. 29 September Leo was unanimously elected by the people to succeed him. Pelagians be required make an unequivocal abjuration. Leo learned of it around 443, and proceeded against them by holding a public debate with their representatives, burning their books and writing letters of warning to the Italian bishops. His attitude was as decided against the Priscillianists.

From a pastoral perspective he galvanized charitable works in a Rome beset by famines, an influx of refugees, and poverty. Leo was a significant contributor to the centralisation of spiritual authority within the Church and in reaffirming papal authority. The bishop of Rome had gradually become viewed as the chief patriarch in the Western church. Leo would push that authority into a new realm. On several occasions Leo was asked to arbitrate disputes in Gaul.

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