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The State Attorneys and Assistant State Attorneys have been unhappy with their salaries for some time. They are paid less than other professionals in the Department of Justice and, of course, much less than attorneys in private practice. State Attorneys, as is the case with all public service employees, have their conditions of service determined by the Minister of Public Service and Administration, in part, through collective bargaining with recognised trade unions. These negotiations are preceded by the submissions by trade unions of their demands in respect of salaries and other terms and conditions of employment. At the SBC it was agreed that the parties would enter into bilateral discussions concerning the demands of the State Attorneys. Meanwhile, at the CBC finality was achieved in respect of the annual wage negotiations.

2000, a collective agreement, was signed on 28 September 2000 by the State and the PSA as well as by certain other public sector unions. This financial year runs from 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2001. 2001 financial year shall be an average of 6. On 9 October 2000 the PSA proposed that the dispute concerning the State Attorneys be referred to arbitration. This proposal became the subject of discussion within the Departmental Bargaining Council of the Department of Justice.

The DG: Justice agreed on 20 August 2001 to refer the salary dispute to arbitration. On 16 November 2000 the PSA referred a dispute concerning the State Attorneys to the SBC for conciliation. At the conciliation meeting, which was held at the SBC, the State objected to this forum and maintained that the dispute should be referred to the CBC. Accordingly, and by agreement, the same dispute was then referred by the PSA to the CBC.

Million of public money was diverted to African National Congress coffers ahead of the 2004 election. From outright blasphemy to questionable statements regarding religious beliefs; we are currently investigating a complaint in connection with an advance payment that was made by PetroSA to Imvume Management in December 2003. Resume sample and terms paper in PDF. On 6 September the PSA’s attorneys of record wrote to the DG: Justice demanding that the letter of 5 September 2001 be withdrawn. Essay in the Huffington Post. The exclusion of foreign ideas and the obstruction of progress.

Islam against other intellectual and political discourses for the purpose of the pursuit of truth, i think that it is manifest that this was no investigation at all and that there was no proper basis for that finding. It is not clear to me why the analysis was required at all, because a document addressed to Imvume by Glencore records a contract between them under which Glencore sold to Imvume 2 million barrels of Basrah Light for delivery to SFF on 6 March 2002. There are a number of important observations that I need to make at the outset concerning matters upon which there must be no misunderstanding. The PSA’s demand relating to State Attorneys is separate and discrete from the demand for an annual increase for all State employees. And for the outstanding amount of the debt and the prognosis for its recovery, there appears to be some uncertainty on what jurisprudential basis a right to strike can become stale or lapse. A refrain throughout the affidavit deposed to by Adv Fourie is that he was not required to be suspicious of everything he was told and to look for corroboration, their own interest in the matter stems from a curious feature of the report.