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Please read our Terms of Useand Privacy Policy. Russell 2000 quote is 10 minutes delayed. Debt Ratio is a financial ratio that indicates the percentage of a company’s assets that are provided via debt. If the ratio is less than 0.

5, most of the company’s assets are financed through equity. If the ratio is greater than 0. 5, most of the company’s assets are financed through debt. The higher the ratio, the greater risk will be associated with the firm’s operation. Corporate Finance: European Edition, by D.

This finance-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This page was last edited on 21 January 2018, at 10:09. B ratio, is a financial ratio used to compare a company’s current market price to its book value. It is also sometimes known as a Market-to-Book ratio. The calculation can be performed in two ways, but the result should be the same each way. As with most ratios, it varies a fair amount by industry.

B ratios much lower than, for example, consulting firms. B ratios are commonly used to compare banks, because most assets and liabilities of banks are constantly valued at market values. This ratio also gives some idea of whether an investor is paying too much for what would be left if the company went bankrupt immediately. For companies in distress, the book value is usually calculated without the intangible assets that would have no resale value.

When intangible assets and goodwill are excluded, their most valuable assets are not shown on the balances sheet and are therefore not included in the book value. To show you how to compute them and to explain their meaning as investment evaluators. Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, management devices worldwide. In this regard, we’ve provided these statements in order to be able to make specific reference to the account captions and numbers in Zimmer’s financials in order to illustrate how to compute all the ratios.