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If you have a bad back, you have something in common with the average astronaut. European Co-operation in Environmental Engineering The Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies, CEEES, is a forum for international co-operation and information exchange regarding the resistance and integrity of products and systems against environmental influences. It was created as a co-operative body for the leading European societies in this field. CEEES was created, some 30 years ago, as an independent non-profit organisation to promote the advancement of science and technology in the field science de l environnement pdf environmental engineering.

Since its inception CEEES has organised and supported the exchange of information and experience in all the related fields. Its stakeholders are particularly active in procedures related to ensuring the resistance and integrity of products and systems against environmental influences. The exchange of information and experience. Participation in establishing standardization and best practices. Encouraging members to support each other.

Achieving recognition of Environmental Engineering and Environmental Engineers. CEEES welcomes and encourages participation from organizations and individuals. It especially, welcomes contribution from those with an interest in environmental engineering and working with design and testing methods to enhance the integrity, performance and service life of products and systems. The CEEES brochure recently updated on behalf of CEEES, by GUS, the German National Society, can be downloaded here. A combined meetings of the three CEEES Technical Advisory Boards occurred on the 19th September 2017.

The three CEEES Technical Advisory Boards occasionally meet together to consider joint topics and those that are of interest to the entire group. In this case several areas of joint interest were discussed relating to standards activity and future European research activities. As a result of these discussions several national societies agreed consider future joint research activities. CEEES participants to take a horse carriage tour of Vienna. This was followed by a meal at the Brewery and Restaurant SALM BRÄU. The CEEES General Assembly took place in the morning of the 20th September 2017. The CEEES autumn meeting was planned to occur immediately prior to the 8th European Weathering Symposium which was held on the 21st and 22nd September 2017, also at the LINDNER Hotel Vienna.

The CEEES meeting participants and the Weathering Symposium participants joined together on the Afternoon of the 20th September for a technical tour of the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel. These two tunnels are used to undertake climatic evaluation of complete train sets against solar, thermal, humidity and icing conditions they may encounter during operational running conditions. Comments can be submitted even if you are not part of the National Committee working on that standard or even whether your country is an active participant in the creation of that standard. CDV, Issue Date, 15-12-2017, Comments Required by: 09-03-2018.

CDV, Issue Date, 22-12-2017, Comments Required by: 09-03-2018. CDV, Issue Date, 29-12-2017, Comments Required by: 23-03-2018. CDV, Issue Date, 05-01-2018, Comments Required by: 30-03-2018. The purpose of this Presidents day meeting was to allow the exchange of information on the current status and future direction of the individual National Societies and to identify future roles for CEEES.

The meeting started with short opening addresses from the current CEEES president and past presidents of the French and Belgium societies. After this, each National Society represented, gave a short talk on the status of their society and were it saw its future role. At the end of the session the current CEEES President summarised the situation and aims. The Presidents day was punctuated by two breaks for cocktails to allow the current and past presidents to exchange ideas and to get know each other better. These breaks were also attended by the Presidents partners who were participating in a separate tour. After the meeting the Presidents and their partners adjourned to the nearby restaurant Le Monde est Petit, for a Presidents Day dinner.

Download the CEEES Presidents’ day Bruxelles 2017. The meeting was planned to coincide with the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the founding of KOTEL the Finnish national environmental engineering society. The meetings of the three CEEES Technical Advisory Boards, on the 15th March, were hosted by VTT at their environmental test laboratory. The CEEES General Assembly took place the following day and was again hosted by VTT. Following the General Assembly meeting the CEEES participants joined with members of KOTEL in an anniversary get together and cocktails. The get together was hosted by Pasi Valimaki and the guest speaker was Sari Tasa, the project director of the Enterprise an Innovation Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Her presentation was titled “The Rebooting of Finland”.

On the 17th March 2017, a conference took place at the Design Factory in Espoo. This conference, comprised presentations and discussions from both KOTEL and CEEES participants. The conference was well attended and produced a number of interesting and lively discussions. France Take Over CEEES Presidency At the 65th CEEES General Assembly, held at VALEO, La Verrière, France, on Tuesday 18th October 2016, responsibility for the CEEES Presidency and Secretariat were transferred from the German national society GUS to the French national society ASTE. The new CEEES President is Prof.