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The Story of Film: An Odyssey is a documentary film about the history of film, presented on television in 15 one-hour chapters with a total length of over 900 minutes. The series was broadcast in September 2011 on More4, the digital television service of Sembene ousmane xala pdf broadcaster Channel 4. The Telegraph headlined the series’ initial broadcast in September 2011 as the “cinematic event of the year”, describing it as “visually ensnaring and intellectually lithe, it’s at once a love letter to cinema, an unmissable masterclass, and a radical rewriting of movie history. Scott of The New York Times described Cousins’ film as “a semester-long film studies survey course compressed into 15 brisk, sometimes contentious hours” that “stands as an invigorated compendium of conventional wisdom.

Each episode lists the film clips that are featured. Fernando de Fuentes and Miguel M. 1957-1964: The Shock of the New – Modern Filmmaking in Western Europe. What Have I Done to Deserve This? 1965-1969: New Waves – Sweep Around the World.

1969-1979: Radical Directors in the 70s – Make State of the Nation Movies. 1970s and Onwards: Innovation in Popular Culture – Around the World. The 1980s: Moviemaking and Protest – Around the World. 1990-1998: The Last Days of Celluloid – Before the Coming of Digital. The 1990s: The First Days of Digital – Reality Losing Its Realness in America and Australia. 2000 Onwards: Film Moves Full Circle – and the Future of Movies. Your Film of Films: A Sweeping History of an Art”.

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