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Thank you for subscribing to Six Minutes. Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln came to me as a great Christmas gift — a stocking stuffer which will improve my speaking skills considerably. I guessed that this was another stuffy book filled with speeches and speak full book pdf from famous speakers who lived so long ago that their speeches are part of history and their anecdotes are no longer relevant. That’s what I thought as I opened the book.

Rather, I discovered a practical book of speaking techniques that will bolster the repertoire of any speaker who aims to lead. He has written speeches for five American Presidents. He is a respected authority on the speaking habits of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Ronald Reagan, and others. CEO speaking to a corporate audience. The 21 chapters span the spectrum of writing, preparation, delivery, and even spontaneous speaking. This format makes it an excellent reference book to have on hand when approaching any speaking occasion. Now that you have worked up a dandy Power Line , you need to know how to turn it on.

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