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Your plain-English guide to navigating a financial accounting course Despite the economic landscape and job market, demand for accountants remains strong, and accountants will continue to see high demand for their services as the economy rebounds and businesses grow. Despite the economic landscape and job market, demand for accountants remains strong, and accountants will continue to see high demand for their services as the economy rebounds and businesses grow. With easy-to-understand explanations and real-life examples, Financial Accounting For Dummies provides students who are studying business, finance, and accounting with the basic concepts, terminology, and methods to interpret, analyze, and evaluate actual corporate financial statements. Whether you’re a student on your way to earning a bachelor’s degree, MBA, or MAcc, Financial Accounting For Dummies gives you a wealth of information to grasp the subject and ace the course. Table of Contents Part I: Getting a Financial Accounting Initiation.

Chapter 1: Seeing the Big Picture of Financial Accounting. Chapter 2: Making Mom Proud: Financial Accounting Career Options. Chapter 3: Introducing the Big Three Financial Statements. Setting the Standards for Financial Accounting. Part II: Reviewing Some Accounting Basics. Chapter 5: Booking It: The Process behind Financial Accounting. Chapter 6: Focusing on Accounting Methods and Concepts.

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