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Many of the members surface engineering books pdf at Instructables ask about datasheets or pin outs of a device or display in answers, unfortunately you cant always get a datasheet and schematics, in these cases you only have one choice reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is a skill that is not taught in college or university electronics courses and yet it is a valuable tool in an engineer’s tool belt. Many people working on electronic equipment search to no end for schematics for a device when if they knew how it in all probability it would take less time to make their own schematics and parts lists.

Take the flash circuit in this Polaroid Camera, if you wanted to model a capacitor charger after the flash circuit in this camera, unless you worked for Polaroid your chances of getting a schematic are next to impossible. Other than the resin covered custom IC the rest of the circuit was easy to trace and make a schematic of taking me just four hours. You can hand draw your schematics, build them in paint like I do, or build your schematics a circuit simulator like 123D Circuits where they are easy to read and you can test them making sure you made the schematic correctly. I am going to show you some of the things you need to know to reverse engineer. Although through hole circuit boards and SMD circuit boards look quite different they work the same way and they are reverse engineered the same way.

To identify components correctly you need SMD code books and SMD codes I have attched these in PDF format. SMD resistors codes are alphanumerical however they are not that different than resistor color codes, the first number is the first digit, the second number is the second digit, the third number is the multiplier, and the R is the decimal place. So 103 is 10 kΩ and 4R7 is 4. 7 Ω almost like the code on ceramic capacitors only with capacitors the letter is the tolerance. SMD ICs have more information on them like 74HC595 or HC595. The through hole device is SN74HC595 and most of the time the datasheet for the through hole will do the same thing however not all the time.

To get the exact datasheet for most SMD ICs use the part number prefix MM, so SN74HC595 is MM74HC595 and you can get the datasheets at these web sites. For SMD transistors and other semiconductors you need code books like the ones in PDF format here, on the semiconductor you will see a code like 2X F. When you look up the code in the code book it gives you the SMD part number MMBT4401 and the through hole part number 2N4401. Now that you have the values and datasheets for your components you can make a schematic of the circuit board. For this part sometimes I remove the components, photograph the circuit board, and trace out the conductors in paint. Start at one pin and follow the conductor to the first component draw the pin and wire and the component if the conductor branches off draw it to the next component. Two x 51R1 to 2 LEDs is two 51.

Three x 82R5 to 3 LEDs is three 82. Four x 68R1 to 4 LEDs is four 68. Sometimes you need to reverse engineer a component because you can’t find a datasheet for the component. Many people salvage parts from used electronics like the display in this alarm clock and when they go to use it in a project they can’t find a datasheet for the display. All you can tell is it is a four digit seven segment display and they spend hours trying to use a meter to find the pin outs. Before removing a component from a circuit board find the datasheet for the component or reverse engineer the pin outs. Weather a COG LCD or a LED display they are reverse engineered the same way, follow the conductors from the display to the driver IC and look up the IC.

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