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Rather than being a the 36 stratagems pdf authored by a single person, the 36 Stratagems is a collection of warfare wisdom that was derived over many centuries of inter-state conflict within China. Having said this, where the alternative is harmful conflict, deception may be the best alternative. This is only an approximate grouping and stratagems from any group can be used as appropriate. The greatest ability of all is probably flexibility in being able to adapt and innovate at will.

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404 Not Found No such object, datastream, or dissemination. This article possibly contains original research. The Thirty-Six Stratagems was a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and civil interaction. It should be noted that the number thirty-six was used by Wáng as a figure of speech in this context, and is meant to denote numerous stratagems instead of any specific number. Wáng’s choice of this term was in reference to the I Ching, where six is the number of Yin that shared many characteristics with the dark schemes involved in military strategy. The Thirty-Six Stratagems have variably been attributed to Sun Tzu from the Spring and Autumn period of China, or Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms period, but neither are regarded as the true author by historians.