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Learn how diet plays a role in the detoxification process and how RDs specializing in integrative and functional medicine are applying the research to clinical practice. Detox: For one small word, it has a whole host of meanings, depending on who’s talking—and possibly what they’re selling. Or a client may come to an RD complaining of general malaise or illness and the abascal way pdf whether detoxing can alleviate the symptoms.

Whatever images of detoxing clients bring with them to a consult, likely they have questions about how a diet may work or how it may help them, and they’re looking to you for answers. Yet the topic of detoxification is a contentious one, not just among consumers, but among the RD community as well. Some dietitians, skeptical of what they perceive to be fad diets, steer clients away from over-the-counter detox plans and toward whole-food prescriptions. Other RDs, many specializing in integrative and functional medicine, point out that proper detoxification protocols can help clients conquer any number of ills. The Belly Fat Fix, the human body can eliminate any toxins it comes into contact with just fine and says RDs should warn consumers of the risks involved with such fad diets.

Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN, HHC, an integrative medicine nutritionist who’s given presentations on the subject of detoxing, is a big proponent of assisting the detoxification process with diet and supplements, though she may agree with Cohn’s second point. In Foroutan’s eyes, the detoxification debate largely is an issue of semantics. In response, practitioners meet these claims with appropriate skepticism, especially since detoxification pathways aren’t typically included as part of our RD training. But the insistence that there’s no evidence in support of detoxification simply is untrue, she emphasizes. RDs need to better understand what detoxification actually is from a physiological perspective to be able to evaluate the research and understand the whys and hows of a medical detoxification protocol.

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