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Its purpose is “to advance, elevate, and preserve magic as a performing art, to promote harmonious fellowship throughout the world of magic, and to maintain and improve ethical standards in the field of the magicians book 1 pdf. Over 30,000 people worldwide have been members, and currently the S.

The current National President of the S. Houdini sought to create a large, unified national network of professional and amateur magicians. For most of 1916, while on his vaudeville tour, Houdini, at his own expense, had been recruiting local magic clubs to join the SAM in an effort to revitalize what he felt was a weak organization. Houdini persuaded groups in Buffalo, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City to join. As had happened in London, Houdini persuaded magicians to join. The SAM now embraces over 5,000 members and almost 300 assemblies worldwide.

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In July, 1926, Houdini was elected for the ninth successive time President of the Society of American Magicians. Every other president has only served for one year. He also was President of the Magicians’ Club of London. Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and Magic Museum, Los Angeles closed temporarily due to fire, contamination, and resultant litigation. When a member turns 18, they have the option to graduate to full membership in the Society of American Magicians. The purpose of the Society of Young Magicians is to promote interest in magic as a hobby that develops skill and self-confidence, the ability to speak in public, discipline that comes from learning, practicing and performing magic and a sense of service to others through helping others learn magic and by performing magic at charitable events.

The Society of Young Magicians has nearly 100 local chapters, or assemblies, around the world. Adult members of the Society of American Magicians supervise and instruct members of the SYM. Dan Rodriguez is the SYM National Director. SYM’s principal means of communication among its members is its e-zine, “The Magic SYMbol. In September 1902, Mahatma became the official publication of S. In November 1902, The Sphinx became the ‘Western Organ’ of S.