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Тест для определения экологического следа измеряет площадь земли и акватории, необходимой для поддержания уровня потребления и утилизация производимых отходов в расчете на год. How BIG is Your Ecological Footprint? Omnivores come from diverse backgrounds that often independently evolved sophisticated consumption capabilities. The variety of different animals that are classified as omnivores can be placed into further categories depending on their feeding behaviors. All of these animals are omnivores, yet still fall into special niches in terms of feeding behavior and preferred foods.

Being omnivores gives these animals more food security in stressful times or makes possible living in less consistent environments. French and later adopted by the English in the 1800s. Traditionally the definition for omnivory was entirely behavioral by means of simply “including both animal and vegetable tissue in the diet. Behavioral: This definition is used to specify if a species or individual is actively consuming both plant and animal materials. Physiological: This definition is often used in academia to specify species that have the capability to obtain energy and nutrients from both plant and animal matter. Though Carnivora is a taxon for species classification, no such equivalent exists for omnivores, as omnivores are widespread across multiple taxonomic clades.

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