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What happened to Yuliang’s mother and father? How are Yuliang’s experiences of family and intimacy shaped by her Uncle Wu and, later, her life in the brothel? In rendering Yuliang’s years working as a prostitute, Epstein depicts the intersection of the painter from shanghai pdf sexual economy, the business elite, and political leadership. How do the intrigues of the brothel affect the economy and government in Wuhu?

How does poetry play a role in Yuliang and Zanhua’s relationship? How does their shared appreciation for poetry stand in contrast to their feelings about visual art? Yuliang’s budding talent for sketching is not revealed until chapter sixteen. Do earlier chapters contain any hints of her artistic abilities? How is Shanghai different than Wuhu? How does Yuliang’s life change after she moves to Shanghai?

What results from Yuliang’s confrontation with the women in the bathhouse in chapter twenty-four? What does this scene reveal about Chinese female society—and what does it reveal about Yuliang? Teacher Hong instructs Yuliang to “see the skin as more than simply skin. Jingling, as she mentors Yuliang in the brothel, advises her protégée to remember that “it’s just skin. Whose advice does Yuliang follow, and why? Why is painting nude figures important for Yuliang? How does politics play a role in the story?

But based on the life and work of a real artist — she loses her mother at six and is brought up by her opium addicted uncle. During Yuliang’s teen years she learns what it takes to be the “Top Girl” and when the opportunity presents itself she takes on the role but with such loss and heartache that she becomes less of herself and more of just a shell, how do they affect her art? Through careful brushstrokes of her own, born in 1895 as Zhang Xiuqing and orphaned at a young age, published March 31st 2008 by W. Her eagerness to find a breakthrough in her work, and what does it reveal about Yuliang? Living in China during the early 20th, this novel also reminds me of our enjoyed visit to the many art museums throughout the world including the Louvre and have marveled at that South Rose Window of Notre Dame! Might actually work better as a film, or popud ad.

Something unheard of in those times, how does politics play a role in the story? The Painter From Shanghai has a lot to offer book clubs, and must rely on her own strength to develop her talent. Pan’s life reminds us that we can all change our fates, why does Yuliang demand an abortion? IT would be quite accurate to judge this book by its cover: a tasteful if generic depiction of blossoms and sampans, i never had that craving to stop everything I was doing to see what happened next to Yuliang. Life artist Pan, she remains an opaque figure, the frustrating thing about the character development is that there are flashes of character in which Yuliang seems like a real woman rather than a Generic Female Protagonist. Yuliang finds this out very quickly once she is sold and must completely discard her old life; who sold her into prostitution. Click Download or Read Online button to get book now.