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PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST in the sustainable development of our nation. Our proposed path of development will lead us to a stronger economy driven by a more people centered approach to development. Our integrated approach to governance will enable us to regain the respect and admiration that our beautiful country so deserves. The path we propose will lead to sustainable economicgrowth and development, entrepreneurial opportunities, job creation and opportunities for all Grenadians to improve their standard of living. Grenada which will regain respect regionally and internationally.

The NDC is ready to lead Grenada. Coming out of the diffcult times in 2013, the NDC has been able to refocus on the important task of mobilizing Grenadians to work together towards improving the quality of life for all our people. The party has strengthened its planning and its organizational capacity and has prepared a 2030 vision outside of an election season. This has led to many creative ideas from other patriotic Grenadians who are stepping forward to play a role in saving our country from further damage.

Guided by our vision, our core principles and policy imperatives set out in our Policy Agenda published in September 2016, the NDC has developed plans and programs that we are convinced will move Grenada forward and provide a better life for our people. I am proud to lead a team of competent and qualifed women and men, including our youth, who are committed to Grenada and are ready to serve their country and fellow Grenadians. We commit to providing quality representation and assure the people of Grenada that a new NDC Government, working with the people, will transform Grenada and provide lasting growth and development of all Grenadians. We believe in the capacity and potential of our people on mainland Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to achieve greatness if given the opportunity.

We will bring together the creative forces at home and in the diaspora to improve the lives of all our people. As we go into this election campaign, I ask you to give us your support and the opportunity to lead Grenada’s path to greatness for this generation and those to come. VOTE NDC for a better Grenada. Thank you and may God bless Grenada and its people. Our VisionAN EQUITABLE AND PROSPEROUS GRENADAThe NDC’s vision is A Green, Equitable and Prosperous Grenada for All.

We frmly believe that these important values are prerequisites for sustainable economic and social development of Grenada. Furthermore, the NDC is adamant that every Grenadian needs to be self-reliant and patriotic. Making Grenada a better place for all, building a strong and sustainable economy is paramount. At the same time, the preservation of our traditions and heritage, the protection of our environment and putting people frst, are fundamental core principles. The National Democratic Congress is committed to putting people frst and creating the conditions for the realization of our vision, the Grenadian Dream.

After deep analysis, and consultations, we are convinced that if our nation is to develop in the best possible way, with respect for our patrimony and preserving our heritage and our environment, we must put our people frst, by making them the focus of our development efforts and, directing our energies on a more people-centred approach to human development. The NDC will have a new approach. The political philosophy and values underpinning our party is good governance. Good governance is a term used to describe the effective and effcient management of public resources in response to critical needs of a society. It suggests ways for people in public service to think more deeply, judge more wisely, and act more responsibly in making and implementing policy decisions.

It means that government has an obligation to report and be answerable to the people for the consequences of decisions made on their behalf. It means that the people should be able to follow and understand the decision-making process. Good governance follows the rule of law! It means that decisions are consistent with relevant legislation. It means that government should always do its best to serve the needs of the people while balancing competing interests in a timely, appropriate and responsive manner. Good governance is equitable and inclusive! It means that all the people must feel that their interests have been considered in the decisionmaking process.

Good governance is effective and effcient! Government should implement decisions and follow processes that make the best use of evidence-based knowledge, best practices, and its available resources to ensure the best possible results for the nation. It means that anyone affected by or interested in a decision should have the opportunity to participate in the process for making that decision. We will be inclusive, embracing the NGO sector, the private sector, labour and the wider community in a consultative management process. We will develop a parish consultative framework through which Parliamentary Representatives, Ministers of Government and other public offcials will meet with the citizens to update them on their areas of public responsibility, clarify people’s doubts and receive their suggestions and recommendations. Fostering greater transparency and openness in government, increasing effciency and productivity, engendering fairness and deepening our democracy. In keeping with the principles and foundation set out in our Policy Agenda, we have developed specifc plans and programs that are designed to address many of the ills of our society, some of which have not been adequately addressed in the past, and in some instances have worsened.

A NDC Government will implement these plans and programs IMPARTIALLY. In order to place our country on a long term path of sustainable development, we must produce our way to prosperity. We must get our economy growing consistently – increase the size of the economic pie so that everyone can get a deserving slice. Economic growth is closely connected to job creation. This is a critical factor in our plans to create a BETTER GRENADA.

We regard employment creation as the means through which we will empower our citizens, raise their self-esteem, guarantee their income security, improve their quality of life and, in the process, build our country. We will implement a number of growth-enhancing projects and activities and as these are pursued, many of our unemployed citizens will return to gainful and productive activity, the size of our economic pie will be increased and every Grenadian will be in a position to get a deserving slice. Sustainable, equitable and inclusive development of a country can only be accomplished by a committed, credible and capable government which eliminates waste and corruption from its midst. Grenada has not had such a government for the past fve years. That will change with a NDC Government.