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Alexis Fawx big tits hot sexy MILF fucking young ripped stud. Before you nuke your account, or even try to reduce your reliance on Facebook, there are a number of steps you also can take to retain the benefits of social networking with a lot more data privacy. Thorn’s challenge brenda jackson pdf Container restricts Facebook to its own sandboxed browser tab so it can’t see all the other stuff you do on the internet. Make the process ridiculously easy by just asking for what you want.

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Sortly is an app that’s meant to help make that search a bit easier. This bot will interview you like you’re a pop star, using questions from old issues of UK music magazine Smash Hits. Because macOS, by default, doesn’t allow you to stick multiple clocks in the Menu Bar—silly, we know. Because sometimes, you need a little helping hand to tell you it’s time to go to bed.

Facebook, but there’s also a growing movement to wipe Snapchat from smartphones. Before you book a hotel, campground, restaurant table, or museum tickets, look up the place on Instagram. If you can’t bring yourself to delete your Facebook account entirely, you’re probably thinking about sharing a lot less private information. If you’re on the Explore tab and you hate what you’re looking at, there are a few things that you can do to adjust its content. There’s also a built-in group chat so you can discuss what you’re watching in real time without annoying someone in the group that would rather everyone shut up and pay attention.

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