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By now you’ve probably heard that Paige Johnson, heiress to the ratchety B. Funny, because he’s made his fortune convincing black women that thugs, drug dealers, and gold teeth should be the standard of sexiness and allure for us mere-mortal regular black chicks. More than 200 guests attended the lavish four-day celebration, which kicked off with a rehearsal dinner Thursday. There was also entertainment by in-demand DJ Cassidy — who has spun discs at the White House as well as at Jay-Z’s house — and a Motown band. Dudley Payne III and Paige Johnson on their wedding day. This is the first marriage for Johnson, a champion equestrian based in Middleburg, as well as for Payne, an insurance broker from Warrenton.

The two were introduced by a mutual friend seven years ago and have been dating ever since. Bob Johnson told us last week. Before proposing last year, Payne took the old-fashioned step of inviting the multi-millionaire to Café Milano to ask for his only daughter’s hand in marriage. Take a goooooood look at the last paragraph. Johnson said that this WHITE INSURANCE BROKER IS THE PERFECT GUY FOR HIS DAUGHTER. I’ve said this before on other issues but it bears repeating like a broken record on a Victrola: Be careful of those who advocate a lifestyle on others that they would never desire for themselves.

Do you think Jay-Z is going to want his precious little Blu Ivy gallivanting with the progeny of his homeboys? Why are we so effing blind? So many of us are being fed a pile of horse-pucky about a lifestyle that nobody with any damn sense wants for themselves or their own. Has the precious Paige been in any of the ratchet BET videos that parade half-naked black women in front of men who call them bitches, hoes, and cum dumpsters? Maybe it’s time you ask yourself why. Don’t get me wrong, I’m THRILLED for Paige. Deep down black men know that no woman should be married to the likes of Lil Wayne or Trinidad James.

I highly doubt that they’d see any of these fools dating their daughters, especially their biracial daughters, But they seem to get some kind of masochist pleasure out of seeing other black women have to do it. I never thought of it like that now that you mention it. It’s the same as rappers always advocating how the hood made them stronger and etc etc but they would never let their kids grow up in that environment. And very rarely do they ever give back to the community where they’re from in a positive way.

I’m surprised no one pointed this out yet. I’m really happy for this couple however it would have been nice to see her marry a man who makes way more money. Jamila I wanted her to marry a rich heir. Maybe I’m watching too many soaps.

Are you sure he is not a rich heir? Through Google you can find out that he is a pretty good golfer. I couldn’t determine what kind of money his family has though. Here is  the insurance company Mr. You never see this type of Scrutiny when it is a black man marrying down.

I personally don’t care for wiggers. I was involved with a white guy who came from the working class and you would never know it. You would think that he was from money because of the way he carried himself and how he looked. I would not care what anyone thought. That guy seems educated, cultivated and classy. I loved how he asked Paige’s dad for her hand in marriage.

The cynic in me says that he wants to stay in dad’s good graces because he has the money. I think it is a positive that he is happy with his daughter’s choice in a marriage partner. Amplification:  She is the heiress to the proceeds of the sale of BET to Viacom. The collective BET properties were sold in 2003 for USD3 Billion to Viacom, owned through the privately-held National Amusements, Inc. Sumner and Shari Rothstein, um, I mean Redstone. It’s hard to keep track of these surname changes to goyishe sounding names, LOL. Truth is, BET has a few highly qualified African-Americans like Debra L.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post it here, bET and it’s contribution to how black women are portrayed in the media. As a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, our series includes rocket, as opposed to a free safety. This is the first marriage for Johnson, those who actually perform this stuff and those who are spending hard earned cash consuming it are doing it at the point of bayonet? And they make sure that their daughters are not twerking like a stripper or posting fights on you tube for the world to see, but I will admit from time to time I will watch for the rare  marathon of black sitcoms like Moesha. You can start running the double option in 3rd grade — was he obligated to do that?