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Chess Clubs Give Kids New Skills — and New Hope! One woman’s efforts in Reno are having untold impact. A Walk in Your Shoes,” a show on the cable station Noggin, helps kids learn about cultural, religious, and geographical differences by watching youngsters from different backgrounds switch places for a few days. Bringing Families and Schools Together — FAST!

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FAST brings together families to support one another and to prevent potential problems — school failure, violence, and substance abuse, to name just three — before they start. Research indicates that FAST works in schools of all kinds, from urban to rural. Are you a school counselor or thinking of becoming one? What are the most important attributes an effective school counselor should have? Education World asked school counselors to reflect on what makes them effective. We are pleased to share their thoughtful and illuminating —and often heartwarming— responses. Are you “shopping” for a conflict resolution program for your schools?