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2 10 10 0 0 0-. What is the name of the symbol over the letter n in spanish called? I need the name of symbol over letter n in spanish? WOW I have not been here in years .

I think it’s called a tilde. A tilde is the symbol which is putted over a vocal sometimes when it is a tonic vocal and it coincide with the accentuation rules. It’s called a tilde in English, but not in Spanish. In Spanish, tilde means accent mark, which includes the tilde among others. Tilde” is actually a cognate of the English word “tittle”, but, due to the reversal of phonemes, it sounds distinct and unique enough to English ears so as not to seem to suggest that association. As a result of it usage in English, there is a widespread belief in the English-speaking world that “tilde” is how Spanish-speakers refer to this mark specifically. As has been written above, it is referred to by them as a “virgulilla”.

And certainly in Spanish a “virgulilla” is a type of “tilde”, but only in so far as a comma is a “type” of punctuation mark. Thank you for the friendly welcome. It’s a pleasure to be here. What about “doo-hicky” or “squiggly thing-a-ma-bob”?

The “ñ” and the “w” are letters on their own. I think they both used to be letters, but not anymore. The Diccionario Ilustrado Larousse says that the sign in question is called ’tilde’ or ‘acento’. The symbol over the ‘n’ to form the Spanish ‘ñ’, is a tilde according to this source.

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Here is the answer, which I never knew, until a few of the people above pointed me in the right direction. Look up Ñ or ñ in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Latin alphabet, formed by an N with a diacritical tilde. Filipino alphabet, Chamorro alphabet and the Guarani alphabet, where it represents . It is also used in the Tatar and Crimean Tatar languages, where it represents .

Contents 1 History 2 Cross-linguistic usage 3 Cultural significance 4 Computer usage 4. 1 Other symbols for the palatal nasal 5. Historically, “ñ” arose as a ligature of “nn”: the tilde was shorthand for the second “n”, written over the first. Other languages used the macron over an “n” or “m” to indicate simple doubling. This usage was passed on to other languages using the Latin alphabet, although it was subsequently dropped by most. Spanish and Portuguese retained it though, in some specific cases.

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